Well for starters, she is no longer that girl who weighs 284 lbs. That girl was a lot of fun and she always had a good time, but she wasn’t healthy!

Fast forward to today, she had a RNY gastric bypass revision WLS in August of 2010 ,lots of plastic surgery to fix her jiggly bits and lots of really hard work and you have the girl who is fit and healthy!

I started my journey to fitness and well being by choosing to eat real food and starting a running program. In the beginning of my Couch to 5k I Hated it! It was awful. I could not run 1 lap of the track, at all. I was not giving up though, there was no way I was quitting!

In April of 2012 after only a few months of training , term used loosely, I ran my first half marathon.



With my limited knowledge of training , I finished it in 2:30 .. not too shabby.

Since then I have competed in many 5k’s, 10k’s and many more half marathons~ The Rock N Roll Las Vegas in Dec 2012



Finished this one in 2:26:17


Then I ran half number 3 May 2013 , The Goodlife Toronto Marathon




Finished 2:26:07.. a new PR!

I’ve done 9 half marathons to date. 

I ran my first 26.2 at the Rock n Roll Vegas Marathon Dec 2014

Then my second at the GoodLife Fitness Marathon May of 2015


I also completed my first ever Ultramarathon in June 2014 . 35 miles !

I’ve completed 3 50k’s to date and my first 50 miler is scheduled for May 2016.  

My Cross training and newest addiction is lifting weights. I highly encourage all women to pick up some weights. Now you do not have to go crazy on them but do pick them up. There are many functional lifts you can google and learn form … these will not make you muscular, bulky or man like!
Studies show that you continuously burn fat after a lift session, so why would you not .. right?

On the food side of things, I have tried everything out there and I know that plant based is best for me . I have had to re focus on my food lifestyle alot lately and going back to my post op WLS meals is important. Smaller meals, smaller bites more protein less carbs is how it has to be.

I will be spending 2016 running Ultra Marathons and and lots of trail running and I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.

Stay healthy , happy and fit my friends!
My blog will continue to host lots of “interesting” vegan based dishes that I hope you will experiment with and put your own spin on it! 


So I hope you enjoy this site and learn some disturbing new recipes.






















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