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High Protein Turkey Chili – Instant Pot 

I’m pretty sure I could throw out every kitchen gadget/tool and live with just my Instant Pot! 

It’s a blustery cold snowy day here in the North so I had chili on the brain. Here’s how it went Down

You will need 

3 stalks celery 

1 carrot 

Bunch of green onions

1 can 6 bean medley 

1 can Chili style tomatoes

1lb of extra lean ground turkey 

3/4 c frozen corn 

Garlic powder, chili powder and cumin  – Turn your instant pot onto sauté , add in a little oil and then throw in the cut up veggies 

Then add in ground turkey 

Drain and rinse the can of beans , add to pot . Add tomatoes , corn and spices. No need to cook the turkey fully because you are going to let pressure do that. 

Cancel the saute action, put the lid on and hit manual for 15 minutes. Boom Chili is done! Let it naturally release pressure as it will stay warm until you are ready to serve. I like to put mine on rice, top with sour cream and cheese! 

This makes 6 big bowls and here’s the details/macros 

Low fat, good carbs and high protein! Win win 

Turkey Tortilla Soup

Leftovers always mean Soup!

My mom made the Christmas turkey and I scored the leftovers so I just had to make soup , but not your traditional kind – I made it spicy!

Here is how this easy peasy soup went down

You will need

Leftover cooked turkey or chicken
1 carton of vegetable broth
1 large can of diced tomatoes
Frozen corn
1 can of black beans – rinsed/drained
2 cups of cooked brown rice
1 package of Taco seasoning pouch
Garlic powder
Chili powder
Sour cream
Shredded cheese
Crushed tortilla chips

I simply added the carton of broth , tomatoes and then 1 can of water to a large pot. Add in chopped turkey , beans, corn , rice and taco pouch . I used the other seasonings to add extra flavor , to taste.


Let simmer on low till warm


Serve with a dollop of sour cream , shredded cheese , sliced avocado and crushed tortillas .


This is the ultimate comfort soup , warm and spicy!

It was gobbled up …

LiveFit Program Phase 1 Day 2

Wow , yet another great day of lifting and eating ! I know it’s only been 2 days but I really like this program .
My day started out on the scale , I might as well check it right?


BOOM – down 2.6lbs in a day! I know it’s just water weight but I also know that eating clean is doing its job too.

Today was Back & Bicep day at the gym and here is what was on tap


Wide grip lat pull down @ 60lbs
1 arm DB row @ 25lbs
Seated cable row @ 45lbs
Underhand cable pull down @ 60lbs
DB alt bicep curl @ 15lbs
1 arm DB preacher curls @ 15lbs
Standing Bicep curls @ 15lbs

Now this doesn’t sound like much but I am keeping weight at about 65 – 70 % of my max weights , as prescribed by the program.

Now onto the eats today – it was a good eating day

Meal 1 – sweet potato, 1 chicken thigh

Meal 2 – BSN Syntha 6 protein shake, banana

Meal 3 – big salad with chicken and vine greats

Meal 4 – 2 eggs scrambled, 1/2 avocado, 12 almonds

Meal 5 – extra lean ground turkey meatballs, rice pasta , tomato sauce

Meal 6 – apples and earth balance PB

Here is a look at my meatballs


These are so easy to make- just take 1 lb extra lean ground turkey , Mrs Dash extra spicy blend , garlic powder, ketchup ( low sugar) , large flake oats onions & peppers ( frozen blend) , 1 egg and some Panko crumbs and mix in a bowl .
Spray a muffin tin with Pam , roll meat into balls and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

I made 6 big balls and I’ll eat these for the next few meals , just warm and eat!

So if you too have decided to eat clean , what are some of your favorite meals?

High Protein Meal Prep

Day 2

Ok I totally am not one for scales , BUT when I weighed myself Monday am I was 163.4lbs . Day 1 of my high protein low carb meal planning.
Today I thought let’s just see
Holy sweet baby Jesus , it was 160 ! Three lbs in a day, yup ! Call it water weight , I don’t care . The scaled moved and that keeps me motivated. I have played the whole scale game for years and yes I know y’all say numbers don’t matter – it’s how you feel. I call horseshit because I need to drop 20lbs so to me numbers matter , this time .

So how did Day 2 go ?

Pretty freaking awesome!

Breakfast was a solid meal of a 2 egg ham and cheese omelette with 1 avocado


There was no am snack today as I stayed full till lunch.
This was lunch


Yet another Kale salad but topped with last nights leftover bacon wrapped chicken.

I did have a pm snack before I hit up the gym.

Not sure why this lactose intolerant girl can eat this , but I can , so I will.
I tried to run today but I just was not feeling it , busted out 2.4 miles and quit. I did a 6 mile bike , weights and a ton of push ups!
Drank my Syntha 6 protein drink , then came home to this beast of a meal

Spicy turkey chili!
Here’s the steps to making it , in picture form because I’m too lazy to type it










High Protein , low fat , low carb and tons of flavor!

So freakin delish!

I will probably have another yogurt before bed or some cottage cheese for the casein !

Happy protein Day peeps !

Vegetarian Penne Alfredo

I have yet another quick and easy vegetarian supper idea and you can totally make it with real chicken for the carnivores!

Here’s how it all went down


In a large saucepan , bring water to a boil, add in a box of penne noodles and some frozen broccoli!
Cook till penne is al dente

Drain pasta and broccoli – spray a baking pan with Pam .
Add penne and broccoli to the pan , too with Gardein Turk’y or “Chik’n ” strips
Use the real chicken breasts for the carnivores! For my family I used the pre cooked packaged already cooked strips!

I like to add this to mine

Top with jarred Alfredo , I used 2 jars of Newmans Own ! I do not make real Alfredo – I’m not a chef! I’m a mom! And I am unskilled! Lol


Top with shredded Italian style cheese

Cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees till cooked through – approx 30-40 minutes
Remove foil for last 5 minutes and broil top to crisp up the cheese!


It doesn’t look to awesome but it tasted amazing! Add some fresh pepper to it to jazz it up!

Enjoy yet another high quality me from me to you !

The end of week 4 half training, and Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful.. For strong legs, a good heart, fresh lungs and a mindset that won’t let me quit!
Today’s plan called for a 7 miler. Done!

7 miles through town

This was a really great run. I did not care about timing, I just to reflect. I loved it. It was damn cold though, I forgot my trusty Lululemon gloves for warmth and snot wiping! I am thankful for my new Mizuno’s, they are by far the best shoes my feet have even been in!They keep my knees in alignment and my ankles well supported. LOVE!!! Go buy a pair!
After my reflection run I just came home and laid on the floor, exhausted!

Happy runner

Now that my run is completed, I can go cook some sweet potatoes and Gardien Tofurk’y for my supper! The rest of the fam jam will be stuffed full of the real turkey and potatoes, Inkdgirl goes veggie style!
I will be safe with my food choices today and thankful for them, eat to fuel!

I hope you all have a lovely day with your family and keep on reflecting and running!

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