My weekend read!

This is what I’m reading this weekend, yes I know it’s been around forever, I just took some time getting it! I love it! These girls are fantastic and I so get their humour! I love to read a book that openly has curse words every second sentence! I am now even more wanting to purchase Forks Over Knives on ITUNES and watch it this weekend. I am getting closer and closer to ditching meat and eggs forever. I am not there yet peeps, BABY STEPS! So until then I will continue to eat small portions of those dreaded animal parts and carry on with my protein intake!

My Take on Take Out!

Ok, I guess I’d be a hypocrite to say that I never eat take out, there is a big difference between take out and fast food my friends! Yes I am all about convience on those days when life has you running in circles, but I do not make my stops at the big giant Arches or any of those places.. This is what I fancy for my take out meal

Nutritional Facts*

Per 9 pieces (200 g)


% Daily Value

Calories 390

Fats 16 g


Saturated 2 g


Trans 0 g

Cholesterol 10 mg

Sodium 780 mg


Carbohydrate 53 g


Fibre 2 g


Sugars 10 g

Now as a post op, all 9 will not be consumed in one sitting, this actually counts as 3 meals for me. I only eat 3 pieces at a time and I do not use the soya packet as the sodium is just too much for me! (personal choice only) So I thank you Bento Sushi for providing me with the most awesome take out lunch ever!


What I’m currently obsessing on!

THIS GUY! Yup I love you Anderson Cooper, I PVR his new talk show daily. He is the new O! His laugh makes me giggle and I have the biggest crush! He does all his shows with heart, amazing content and real stories that affect each and everyone of us! I just finished watching his Food Revolution Part 2, about a young girl who weighs in it 320lbs, and it really brings to light the desperate state we are in regarding childhood obesity. 1 in 3 teens are overweight? That is a scary statistic. Are we as parents to blame, I say yes! We are the ones who provide, cook and stock our kitchens. Please think about what you are buying the next time you enter the grocery store. SHOP THE PERIMETER of the store. There is nothing down the aisles that you need! Ok well maybe coffee ! However, what we as parents need to instill in our kids at an early age is that fruits and veggies are good! No you do not need to load them up with brown sugar to make them good either! I try each and everyday to include healthy meal items for my family and stick by the motto, If it wasn’t picked from a tree or pulled from the ground, don’t eat it! Ok enough preaching, here is my other obsession

My magazine subscriptions, I have about 12 yearly ones currently and you know what, I am ok with that! I do not drink,smoke or eat fast food so if this is my vice, I’ll take it! I am a voracious reader who devours as many books and articles I can get my hands on. I retain as much info as I can from these! I also love to collect recipes from these mag’s, there is a wealth of information in magazines that could change your life or lifestyle in general. So to the nay sayer’s who claim it’s a waste of money- I say BOO to you!   Ok , enough for now, I have some Anderson to catch up on!


My $1.60 a day addiction!

And no it’s not a Large Double Double!
I drink a large steeped tea with milk and 1 sweetner a day, a little fib it’s probably about 3 a day! I love my Starbuck’s. but the Timmie’s is 2 minutes from my house and they brew a great steeped Tea! Yes I can absolutely make my own and I do, but it just doesn’t taste the same. So I wanted to shout out to my Tea lover’s- I heart you Tim Horton’s!

A lil bowl of Yumminess! AKA – Taco Soup!

I love soup, yes it is considered a “slider food” according to my surgeon and therefore a NO NO, but I make mine good and hearty ,more like a stew so that qualifies it as a meal! Nothing beats coming home from a coldy rainy day and finding this lil gem bubbling away in the crock pot! I love my crockpot and will post many a recipe for it in the future! For this lovely soup I do this-
1 package of lean ground beef, frozen right from the freezer(or vegetarian substitute)
1 can of mixed beans(kidney,chickpea etc) rinsed well
1 cup frozen corn
handful of chopped baby carrots
2- 28 oz cans of tomatoes (diced, chopped ,seasoned whatever)
and then taco seasoning , you can use a packet of pre mix but I make my own with a blend of cayenne, cumin,chili powder.
Throw it all in the crock and let it cook on low all day long. The meat is very tender and not chewy! I like to top mine with crushed tortillas that were baked in oven,or just corn chips if you prefer, a dollop of sour cream and shredded cheddar! Taco’s in a bowl! HEAVEN!!!

Veganism- My thoughts!

So about a month ago I attempted to become vegan. The whole “if it had a face or a mother, don’t eat it”! I really believed it and I tried really hard. Meat and me aren’t friends really. I have trouble eating most meats, eggs are not my favourite, but I absolutely love cheese and cannot give it up. I also love shrimp and fish. I absolutely applaud all those that can maintain a Kind diet. I have weeded out meat from my diet and do eat very little of it, but i worry about my protein consumption, seeing as I do not do milky protein shakes. If I could live on cheese and pickles for life I’d be set, but that is just not realistic. I would love to hear from any vegans reading this post to give me some guidance in upping my protein , FYI I do not like tofu. I love fresh fruit , veggies and greek yogurt (with a side of lactaid!) So please feel free to leave me a comment to help out, I thank you all in advance!

PS.. I did run #3 tonight and managed to do 1.98 miles in 24 min with a pace of 12;16/mile. That is 2 full min of my first run.. I am a runner now, I CAN DO THIS, and so can you !

Cheers peeps!

My second outdoor run and I didn’t puke!

So tonight I tried to better my pace and distance, but I’m still averaging 1.88 miles (3km) but I did it in 24 min tonight and shaved a full minute off my pace!I fully believe that my weight training has helped , my quads are much stronger! Thought I’d post a pre run pic, just in case the post run pic was from the emergency room! lol

Fueled up on my GNC Whey Kool protein drink and a granola bar, now I’m so set for a nice long sleep!

Cheers people and keep moving, you can do it, push it and keep sweating!

My first outdoor run, it’s been a long time coming!

So one of my goals is to become a runner. I’ve always wanted to be one and this was a goal I’d set for myself before surgery – to run a 5k! I have been doing the C5K program and it has been amazing. I mostly train at the gym on the treadmill, but due to a knee injury I had to stop a few weeks ago. This is when I began lifting, trying to strengthen my quads, hamstrings and calves. Tonight I decided that I will begin running again, but outdoors, not on my beloved treadmill. I did my 5 min warm up and then began my run… I was doing awesome until I reached a large downhill run , but my problem was not the speed I added, it was the fact that my Gitch and pants were falling down . I mean major losing my drawers in mid run! Thank god it was dark.. So this little mishap screwed my run because I had to hang onto my pants the whole way! However, I did complete 1.9 miles in 26 min and to me I was happy. I do believe my pace and distance could have been better if me ole drawers stayed put! Tomorrow I’m back in the gym for another lift session and possibly another run, with new running attire!

Crazy I tell you!

I hate protein shakes! But I love this !

I really really despise all milky type protein shakes, which is good because my surgeon frowns upon them! I am to eat my protein NOT drink it, as it has been beat into my head over and over again, every post op visit! However, in the hot summer months I do enjoy the odd Click shake with a shot of sugar free Davinci peppermint syrup.. made of course with lactose free skim milk.. But that is the only milky type shake I will drink and seriously peeps this happens maybe 5 times all summer long. What I do absolutely LOVE and drink almost daily , post work out is this baby

GNC Whey Kool lemonade flavour.. Stats are per 1 scoop  90 cal, 1.4g carbs, 0.7 g sugar and 21 g protein… HOLA!!!! I mix this up in my 24oz Camelback bottle with a Crystal Light ( any flavour) and it is fantastic! Post work out it is refreshing and tastes great, I also love the 21 grams of protein too! So for all of you post op’s who do not tolerate milky shakes, give this one a try.. I bet you’ll like it!

Happy workout!

Who says post op’s cant eat PIZZA!

I heart pizza, all kinds, all toppings, all shapes. I was not going to give this little piece of heaven up post op, no way Jose! Fortunately for me, my 2 oldest children work in an awesome pizza place and custom make my pies! There are times when my pizza urge hits and Inkdgirl must make her own Za! So I make these

FLATOUT PIZZA’S! These bad boys rock! Every trip I make south of the border I grabs copious amounts of these wraps! We here in Canada do not have them ( HINT HINT FLATOUT PEOPLE!!!) so I stock up! I also stock up on Price Choppers pasta sauce as it has the lowest sugar content, I use this as my sauce. Then load up the pizza with turkey pepperoni, lots of cheese and tons of onions and peppers! Note, Feta makes a pizza perfect! I like to toast my wrap a bit in the oven at 400 minus the toppings, for crispiness! Then I add whatever my fridge has in it, but never ever do I put chicken on my pizza, that to me is WRONG! Hope you enjoyed today’s food porn and I’m going home to make me a pizza~!
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