Food Documentaries Have changed me!

So in the past few days I have watched Forks Over Knives (loved it) and FoodInc.. (that one grossed me out) and I have given some serious thought to this whole processing and factory farming deal. I am not liking it! The stuff they use to make a ground beef filler?? WTF?? I have not eaten anything in the past few days that wasn’t pulled from the ground or plucked from a tree! Tonight’s din din was this

Broccoli salad and bruschetta, never tasted better! Now I will definitely be taking on this plant based diet in small steps because I need to ensure I do it correctly! I will be reading some Michael Pollan books in the near future! Yes I believe I can still get my protein in, without resorting to animal protein. I hope all you healthy ,happy food eating people out there help me with this journey!

Scale addicts, it’s time to move on!

I really really hate this piece of equipment, yet I am so controlled by it. Each and everyday I get up, pee and step on it, naked~! I hate to see it sit there staring at me with the same darn number everyday. I am in a huge plateau right now. After my hernia surgery I lost weight because I was pretty sure I was dying! In reality I know that this scale thing is just an emotional tool used to make us addicts feel depressed and think we need to starve ourselves for the day. I will be the first one to admit that at 3 weeks post op RNY , when I plateaued, that this was it! I will never lose another pound! My foolish thoughts took over and I ran am muck thinking negative thoughts, but low and behold the damn thing moved again. I experienced my next HUGE stall at 6 months post op, I stalled for 2 solid months. I was devastated because I was still 190lbs, there was no way this was it! So now , sitting at 165lbs, but insanely healthy, happy and FIT , I know that this is not IT! The stupid thing will move when it’s ready and yes I am losing inches because my pants are always hanging off my arse like a teenage boy who thinks he’s gangsta! So please I beg of you , put it away and only look at it once a month. ( *smirks knowing that I so totally will not follow my own advice).On a side note, I”ve logged 9.4 KM’s since Monday , running my lil arse off! My pace is picking up and I just feel so good post run. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to get a burst of endorphins flowing through you! Have a fantastic day!

Love me some homemade Cafe Mocha’s!!!

Yum freaking oh!
I was jonesing for a mocha coffee type drink today and I whipped up this bad boy! I used 1 Tassimo Nabob disc, 1 packet of Diet Swiss Miss hot chocolate, a pump or two of Torani chocolate sugar free syrup,Cool Whip and Smuckers NSA Caramel Sundae syrup! HEAVEN! Sorry for the crappy pic, but I had to use my phone because the cool whip was thawing and I wanted to lick it up! Enjoy!

Short run, best pace!

Last night was beautiful outside and I love that it is dark by 530pm, so I went for a short run! I was running against the wind for the majority of it and mostly uphill, but something kept telling me to keep at it. I managed to run 1.92 miles in 23 min and I paced at 11 min/mile, that is a personal best for me. I am sure all you experienced runners mock me, but for me, I’m owning it as a NSV!!! Had to share!

My muffin tin is getting a workout!

I really like small compact meals, and this is one of them

Sorry but I am no photographer ,nor do I claim to be, but this is fresh from the oven loveliness. I had some left over meatloaf, who doesn’t when you make one, and this concoction arose. Place 2 thin wonton wrappers in a Pam sprayed tin, scoop in some leftover meatloaf,spaghetti sauce,taco sauce (whatever you have) then cut up 1 Armstrong cheese stick( or use any cheese you have). Bake at 400 for about 10-15 min, I like mine crispy! There you have it ,portable compact meal to go!

Yummy goodness!

Breakfast Food Porn!

Today , after sleeping 11 hours, I woke up hungry! So this is what was consumed and let me tell you, it was to die for

Easy peasy to make as well, so here it goes
spray muffin tin with Pam
Place 1 slice of deli ham in each tin
crack an egg into each ham slice,stir it up
I put in chopped peppers, dash of salt and pepper, then topped with 1 Armstrong cheese stick(cut up)
Now you could easily put any ingredients in this, but today I wanted simple easy prep! My peppers are the precut , frozen ones, easy!
Now bake for 20 min at 400 and viola , you got a lovely breakky! I have yet to input the stats into myfitnesspal, but I’m sure they are not too bad! Will edit this with stats ASAP!

Recipe Nutrition Calculator

Number of servings

Serves people
Ingredients Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sugar Sodium
Ham – Sliced, regular (approximately 11% fat), 0.5 serving 2 slices 46 1 2 5 0 365 Ico_delete
Large – Scrambled Egg, 1 egg 70 1 5 6 0 65 Ico_delete
Peppers – Sweet, green, raw, 1 tbsp 2 0 0 0 0 0 Ico_delete
Armstrong Cheese – Cheese Sticks, 0.25 Stick (2g) 20 0 2 1 0 43 Ico_delete
Add Ingredient            
Total: 138 2 9 12 0 473
Per Serving: 138 2 9 12 0 473

Have a glorious day!

It’s Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday!!!

I just have to say that I feel absolutely fantastic today! I went back to my old love, Treadmill. We made up and I’m so happy we are friends again. I must admit though, I really really love to run outside, the fresh air, the darkness and looking into people’s home at night keeps me entertained, but, today I ran like a good little hamster on the treadmill. It felt awesome, no knee pain at all. I even found I was pacing at 11 min/mile which is a goal of mine! After my little run session I wandered over to my other love, Weight room.! I did a few machines and some amazing arm workouts and for the rest of the day my endorphins were in overdrive! On a side note, my baby kitty who has been missing for 3 days returned home today, crying at the back door. It was like a Christmas miracle! Mini diva has been devastated that poor Sam Sam was in a coyote’s belly. Nope, he’s home now and on a leash! Seriously, she put a leash on him! Hope you all had a fabulous day like me! Stay postive people, good things come to good people!


Plastics Consult!!!!

So I received a letter in the mail yesterday informing me of my plastic surgery consult for Dec 12, this year!!! Yippee! Pretty stoked , my amazing surgeon who did my hernia repair this past summer referred me on to this surgeon just Sept 19th so I am very pleased with the turn around time! I am praying and crossing my fingers that I can get the surgery I need covered by OHIP! This will be an amazing Christmas gift to get this year, a nice flat tummy and maybe some perky new girls! Will keep you all posted !

Happy Halloween!

Honestly, this day means absolutely nothing to me. I have a youngster, mini diva who loves this day, but to me it is pure evil! All you lil ole tiny wrapped chocolate bars stare at me with evil eyes. You know you want me to eat you, but I will not! Not now, not ever! This will be the second year since my RNY that Halloween has come and gone without me gaining an ounce! The only treats I ever loved were those bars and the itsy bitsy chip bags, candy never interested me! So this year I will joyfully hand out treats to all the lil goblins and make sure there is nothing left over for me to pick at. I did however make an amazing Sheppard’s Pie for dinner that will get gobbled up!

Have a ghostly Halloween peeps!

Dear H&M We are now bestfriends!

So took mini diva on a shopping adventure today, hoping to pick up some Xmas gifts for the fam when we wandered into H&M. I love this store and could never ever fit into anything other than a braclet(that was pushing it) or maybe a scarf! Today, these called out my name

Skinny jeans! I bought them and they fit so darn good , all this running is paying off 10 fold! 115lbs lbs ago these would have been a very big not a chance, not even Lane Bryant sized! So I may just rock these bad boys tomorrow with my black blazer and some cute boots! FASHIONISTA!
Look out world Inkdgirl is here to stay!

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