Shopping = Weightloss! And a great Broccoli soup recipe!

I absolutely had to post this scale victory! I weighed myself this am and I am down 5lbs since Wednesday(the day we left for the US). That makes my total weight loss to date 121 lbs,making it only 19 more to get to my goal! I just had my visit with my surgeon and they are so pleased with my success. Being that I had a revision they stated that I may not lose like a newbie RNY’er. I am over 76% Estimated weight loss and I am lower than his goal weight of 168! Today I am 159! It has been awhile since I have seen the 150’s. Here’s the catcher- I was on holidays, it was Thanksgiving and I shopped my butt off, so I now qualify shopping as exercise! I guess my body was totally ok with missing the gym for a few days! It has also been 2 full weeks meat free and I feel phenomenal, I guess since my body does not have to work hard at processing decaying flesh it is happy. I managed to get through Turkey day with the turkey! Mind you I was never a fan!
I wanted to share with you an amazing recipe I whipped up today in like 10 min, and I must say it was the BOMB! I will not post pics because my pics always look like shit and the meal isn’t especially appealing looking but it tastes like Heaven!

Crockpot Broccoli Soup
Cut up 1 onion, throw in crock
add 2 bags of frozen broccoli
cut up 4-5 potatoes skin removed
3-4 tbsp flour
6 cups of skim milk
and a package of dry mix cream of broccoli soup mix.
salt and pepper to taste
handful of grated cheddar

Put on low and cook for 6 hrs!

Make sure you take a Lactaid for those that are lactose intolerant !

Tomorrow is my birthday so Im cooking up a lovely roast beef dinner for the family, unless I get to go to my fav restaurant by surprise HINT HINT!!!

Ciao peeps!


OMG, what a shitshow that was! I have experienced many a black friday, but this year was KAOS! I must say, to the lady at Walmart who got escorted out by the Police, you can’t hit people over the head! I dropped my son off and sent him on the purchase mission while I parked, I must say, I’m proud of that boy because he delivered! He got said purchase, paid for it and we were back on the road in 15 minutes! That’s my boy! On a must better note, I had many a NSV this day, I bought 2 pairs of Guess jeans and they fit amazingly! I used to think I could only buy bags there, cuz they fit! NOT ANYMORE! I also got 2 other pairs of jeans, I have never owned this many sassy denim items ever, and let’s not forget about BOOTS! I love boots and I was able to get 2 pair of cute ankle suede ones to wear with my new skinny’s! I picked up this sassy lil number for my Xmas party

But these are what I really wanted to get my hands on because you all know my love affair with PICKLES!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I going to get a pickle!

Negative Influences!

Do you have “that person” , you know the one that thinks everything is against them. No matter how great your day is going , they walk in with all their negativity and suck the life right out of you! I am so trying to rid myself of those people, I am probably one of the most positive outgoing people I know, ask around, they will tell you the same. I am the life of the party, the entertainer the funny chick.. that girl that makes the party.. (and I am the sober one too!) . I call these negative people fun suckers, because that is what they do.. suck the fun outta everything. I like to surround myself with happy people, I personally feed off other people’s joy and feel I am a better person because of that! So to all of you that  have these life suckers around you, GET RID OF THEM!! Find yourself some fun, entertaining, happy, joyful people and get on out there and enjoy life!

On a lighter note, I am headed to the US tomorrow to see my surgeon , have Thanksgiving with my boy and shop my FLAT ASS off!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American peeps!

Roasted veggies and contact dermatitis! Not together!

It has been a few days since I have graced the pages of ShrinkingInkdgirl, but that darn life keeps getting in the way! I went to college Open House with my son on Saturday, which was awesome and reminded me of those great college days, BUT, by the end of the visit all I could see was $$$$$$$. Sigh. Went on another Costco shopping trip and when I was at the butcher counter I was grossed out. This plant based diet is really opening my eyes, I have no desire to consume meat or fish again. I did however purchase those items for the family as they are not on board with my new lifestyle choice. My dear son is reading George Laroque’s bio and he mentioned he was a vegan and the movie “Earthlings” changed him! So , me and my love of documentaries felt the need to check it out… BAD IDEA… this film is graphic and very disturbing.. it is very good but I cannot deal with the topics it discusses, I was quite bothered by it and cannot get some of the images out of my head, and I only watched like 20 minutes of it!
So tonights menu consisted of roasted veggies and I made the family tilapia, I did not eat the fish though.. And I am suffering from a nasty eye contact dermatitis that has both eyes swollen shut , red and scally.. I am a mess!
That is all I got for now!


Vegan “Meat”Balls!

So, I do not know where this recipe originated, I am not laying claim to it, I just made them and loved them!!!  I had this recipe stored in my phone forever and finally made them and felt I had to share!

Vegan “Meat “Balls 
2 cups cooked long grain brown rice
0.5 cups quick oats
0.5 cups chopped onion
0.25 cups breadcrumbs
0.25 c unsweetened almond milk
dash of itialian spice blend
dash garlic powder
dash onion powder
dash cayenne powder
1 tbp oil for the skillet
1 cup of crushed Fibre One cereal
Mix all ingredients except the cereal, form into balls, then roll in the crushed cereal. Cook in an oiled skillet for a few minutes, rolling them to toast on all sides…Very yummy.

Now you can add a nice marinara sauce, or mix with pinepples and rice for sweet and sour meatballs, endless possibilites. Hope you love them like I do!

Chapter’s and Starbucks are such a lethal combination!

I am addicted to 2 things, really really badly ( piss poor grammar , but whatever!) Books and Latte’s. I cannot enter my local Starbucks 4358 without meandering over to the Chapters diet and food section. Today I finally got a copy of this book and my Santa wish list grew to include about 25 vegan cook books. I will devour this book tonight while curled up in my flannel sheets and complete solitude of my bedroom! I am sure after reading this I will just have to have the rest of Michael’s books, which I glanced over today! I will keep you posted on my review, which I’m sure will be a glorious one!

FYI- my current latte addiction is Grande Skinny Lactose Free Earl Grey Latte! I know I have not given up on milk or cheese yet! I can’t do it! Baby steps, memba!

Food Documentaries Have changed me!

So in the past few days I have watched Forks Over Knives (loved it) and FoodInc.. (that one grossed me out) and I have given some serious thought to this whole processing and factory farming deal. I am not liking it! The stuff they use to make a ground beef filler?? WTF?? I have not eaten anything in the past few days that wasn’t pulled from the ground or plucked from a tree! Tonight’s din din was this

Broccoli salad and bruschetta, never tasted better! Now I will definitely be taking on this plant based diet in small steps because I need to ensure I do it correctly! I will be reading some Michael Pollan books in the near future! Yes I believe I can still get my protein in, without resorting to animal protein. I hope all you healthy ,happy food eating people out there help me with this journey!

Scale addicts, it’s time to move on!

I really really hate this piece of equipment, yet I am so controlled by it. Each and everyday I get up, pee and step on it, naked~! I hate to see it sit there staring at me with the same darn number everyday. I am in a huge plateau right now. After my hernia surgery I lost weight because I was pretty sure I was dying! In reality I know that this scale thing is just an emotional tool used to make us addicts feel depressed and think we need to starve ourselves for the day. I will be the first one to admit that at 3 weeks post op RNY , when I plateaued, that this was it! I will never lose another pound! My foolish thoughts took over and I ran am muck thinking negative thoughts, but low and behold the damn thing moved again. I experienced my next HUGE stall at 6 months post op, I stalled for 2 solid months. I was devastated because I was still 190lbs, there was no way this was it! So now , sitting at 165lbs, but insanely healthy, happy and FIT , I know that this is not IT! The stupid thing will move when it’s ready and yes I am losing inches because my pants are always hanging off my arse like a teenage boy who thinks he’s gangsta! So please I beg of you , put it away and only look at it once a month. ( *smirks knowing that I so totally will not follow my own advice).On a side note, I”ve logged 9.4 KM’s since Monday , running my lil arse off! My pace is picking up and I just feel so good post run. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to get a burst of endorphins flowing through you! Have a fantastic day!

Love me some homemade Cafe Mocha’s!!!

Yum freaking oh!
I was jonesing for a mocha coffee type drink today and I whipped up this bad boy! I used 1 Tassimo Nabob disc, 1 packet of Diet Swiss Miss hot chocolate, a pump or two of Torani chocolate sugar free syrup,Cool Whip and Smuckers NSA Caramel Sundae syrup! HEAVEN! Sorry for the crappy pic, but I had to use my phone because the cool whip was thawing and I wanted to lick it up! Enjoy!

Short run, best pace!

Last night was beautiful outside and I love that it is dark by 530pm, so I went for a short run! I was running against the wind for the majority of it and mostly uphill, but something kept telling me to keep at it. I managed to run 1.92 miles in 23 min and I paced at 11 min/mile, that is a personal best for me. I am sure all you experienced runners mock me, but for me, I’m owning it as a NSV!!! Had to share!

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