4 days till Christmas, SERIOUSLY!

OMG, Inkdgirl is starting to second guess herself and this is never good. Did I get enough gifts for each child, do I have enough food, is one child going to be happier than the other? This kinda thinking makes me worry, then enters Mini Diva to bring me back to reality.. She says to me “Mommy, Christmas isn’t about the presents, cuz what if Mary never had Baby Jesus, there would be no Christmas” (HER WORDS) .. My heart melted at this and I thought to myself, I did a good job on this child, but, as she left the room she did state ” I sure hope I get a FIDGET for Christmas though”.. and we are brought back to reality in a flash! Kids! So my other children have eaten half of my “Baking” and I need to re-stock on the essentials for Xmas eve and Day , so off to the store I went. Thank god for those people who bake and package goodies so lovely, they are my saviour! I must say I have been very very good at NOT eating these regardless of how AWESOME they look!

Today my Broker hosted our annual Chinese Christmas Luncheon and it was fantastic! I swear they brought out a 100 plates of food! It was crazy! Lucky for me, my coworker is a fellow Veggie Girl and we definitely ate our fair share of the broccoli,mushrooms,bok choy and pretty much every other vegetable there is! Stuffed! So I can say that I did not eat poorly and I followed my plan! I will not gain over the holidays.

Rest day from the gym today, thank god because I realized when brushing my hair today that I had biceps! Only because lifting my arms above my head hurt like Hell! I also realized that I have hamstrings today, they hurt too! This is a kind of hurt I like though, that way I know I did something and my muscles are thanking me for it!
So now I will go and try and recalculate in my head all the pre wrapped gifts and ensure that everyone is looked after! And yes, FIDGET is under the tree! 🙂

I did it, I applied at the Bux!

Due to my growing infatuation with the Bux, I decided to check out their careers page for my City to see if a barista position was available, GUESS WHAT, there was ! I felt it had to be a sign, I need to work here. The environment makes me happy, the smell is amazing and the staff are always so cheerful. Who wouldn’t want to work there! It maybe time the Inkdgirl hangs up her professional shoes and goes after her passion, lattes! I might remind you too that it is attached to a Chapter’s which could be very very bad for me, seeing as I love books almost as much as lattes! The dessert counter wouldn’t bother me because sugar is the devil to Inkdgirl! So I will be sure to let you know if I obtain employment with them, if not I will still heart them forever!

Fingers Crossed Peeps!


Not that I need anything new to obsess on, but I’m addicted to this site! I am pinning everything from quotes, to recipes, to photography! Love it and have now turned my daughter onto it, yikes, I may have created a monster! For those of you who have never visited it, I highly recommend googling it, and remember you need to be invited to be a user! Just sign up and you will be placed on a wait list, then you will be added! Amazing things will then happen to you! You will be pinning inspirational quotes like this

I am a bit of an obsessive person and the other obsession of the week is Red Pepper Jelly, on a Vinta cracker which has been spread with light cream cheese… This has been my main meal for about the last 5 meals! It has too be good for you, (making myself believe that!).. Also obsessing on deep fried zucchini sticks, now that is is still good for you, it’s a VEGETABLE – right? Oh well, if I eat like this I’m ok with it, it could be worse like brownies and Christmas cakes/cookies! Here are my lil sticks all bathed in oil

Yummoo, I know! I’m still not gaining any weight and working out hard so I will work these calories off, tomorrow. My gym/running buddy has left me today to spend the holidays in Paradise with her famjam, insert SADFACE, but I promised to her that I will keep up my end of the running! Tomorrow! LOL

As you all know, I love tattoo’s and had plans for my next one to be a rib tat. That is still the plan, however, I have changed it up. I had a originally planned an awesome guitar tat, which I will still get, but know I’m getting a phrase that I fell in love with. Yes, I found it on PINTEREST. I’ve just perfected the font… I will post a pic once I’m ink’d!

Ciao peeps

Kids, Malls, People and a Latte!

I hate to say it but I really dislike Christmas, ok don’t freak out, I’m no Scrooge, but the malls and the people drive me crazy. I hate clutter too and my tree and all it’s decorations will be down by 10am Xmas day! I had to take the 2 oldest kidlets to the mall so they could finish their shopping and man people are crazy.. I am officially finished shopping and need to wrap only stocking stuffers, that will be a task!

On a side note, I survived the birthday party, barely! They went to bed at 1230 ish and were awake a screaming by 5! All the kids were gone by 1030 am and I needed to get to gym , just to see people my own age! Surprisingly I was able to do 5km on the treadmill in 39 minutes, with 4 hrs sleep! I do not function on no sleep. I am a BEAR! The gym was a huge release for me and I felt energized, hence the mall trip. After tackling the mall for 2 hours I needed my Bux fix. I decided to change up the normal routine and ordered an unsweetened lactose free Green Tea Latte

My kids deemed this the SHREK POO LATTE, and I’m not going to lie, Not my fav! It smelled really bad! You all know how much I love my lattes, but this will be the first and last one Inkdgirl consumes! But I must say I have the best kids ever because when I asked what would everyone like for Sunday family dinner, they all replied soup and grilled cheese! YEAH BUDDY! Easy peasy, my kinda supper!

I love my family more than Shrek Poo Lattes!

Birthday Cake Success!

Today was Mini Diva’s 8th birthday party! Her actual birthday is the 22nd, poor kid! However, she still believes her birthday is a week long event. I took it upon myself to BUILD a wonderful cake for this event seeing as you all know that Inkdgirl does not BAKE, remember that whole bean brownie thing! This is what transpired above! Oh yeah, Red Velvet Cupcakes and Blueberry Cupcakes! It was a hit with the kids , I did not indulge seeing as each one weighed in at 500 cal and 36g sugar! Did not feel like going into a sugar coma for these! What I did learn today was, I would never ever be a teacher! I applaud all teachers out there, I only had 6 eight year olds and it was KAOS~ for sure! One fight, a few frowns and LOUD!!!! OMG, I like my peace and quiet on a good day and this was not the day for it! 2 are sleeping over and I’m praying for a chip party with a movie,that should keep them quiet right?If not, Inkdgirl may find herself inching her way towards the vodka bottle! (Kidding, not going to throw 2 years of sobriety out the window!)

Will keep you all posted if I make it through the night!

Wish me luck!

Shout out to SBUX 4358!

Yesterday I was out and about , travelling as per usual when I found myself hungry, thirsty and in front of my favourite place on Earth! The BUX! This was on my menu

A veggie girl’s dream! A bento style box of Brie and almonds and flaxseed crackers ! HELL YEAH! To wash that bad boy down I paired it with a lovely Skinny Lactose Free Earl Grey Tea Latte, oh yes I did! I am one high maintenance chick! I know you know my how much I heart the Bux, I am sure I have shares in the company, or should have! I guess I can always argue that I do not drink,smoke or have fun, so this is my weakness and I own it!

On a side note, returned to my other fav place tonight , Gym, and yes there was some serious gym time hotness! Unfortunately it came into play after the run was completed, my dear sweet friend and I made laps and laps around the gym just to ensure their was adequate viewing time of such hotness! I do so love Gym, it is such a positive place and it makes me happy, sleepy and tore right up most days!

That’s all I got for ya tonight peeps, hope I can enlighten more tomorrow!


Plastics Consult, Now I wait!

Yes today was the day I met with the guy, the main man — the Plastic Surgeon! For anyone who has ever lost enormous amounts of weight, you know what happens with that whole gravity thing, your parts do not look good anymore! In Canada , we have an amazing healthcare system to which I will not ever complain about, but as far as plastics go, you are in a “hurry up and wait” situation. So today marks day 1 of a very long process, the consult was step 1. My surgeon now has to plead his case, very much like a lawyer, to the OHIP peeps. They decide whether or not I get my suggested surgeries. I am not going in asking for miracles either, just a Panniculectomy and Reduction, easy peasy! This process could take 3 weeks to 3 months for approval, I really hope this makes Santa’s list and I get approved. So I will keep posting on my process and of course y’all will be the first to know!

Inkdgirl got Gussied up and went out on the Town!

So I went out on the town last eve for my work Xmas party and it was OK.. yeah , just OK… They served up a prime rib dinner for those meat eating folk, but my friends at the table had a huge piece of what looked like a giant mudflap of beef… Blah.. it was all rare and gross.. thank god they served a vegetarian option because my stuffed red pepper looked way more appetizing than theirs! I watched as they passed the decadent cheesecake dessert to all of us , drooling, and yes I tasted it.. divine! Then the dance started and the crowd had weeded down to a few folk and I knew it was time to jet, nothing beats being home from a party and in jammies by 11pm! That to be is a successful party. But I thought I would share with you a photo of myself , I received many a compliment last evening from my work peeps that I do not see on a daily basis. It was great to hear all their words of encouragement and praise, makes me keep going on this journey. So here it is

16 months post op, 121 lbs gone and feeling fit, fab and fantastic!
Hope everyone feels this AWESOME!!!

Inkdgirl in the kitchen YIKES!

Well I woke up this morning and some sort of inner domestic goddess came out of me. I for some strange reason felt the need, the desire to BAKE. I cannot BAKE! I started out with a lovely pumpkin muffin /cookie thing… AWFUL

Then I felt the need to make Black Bean Brownies

Yup, I did and they look amazing, smell amazing and taste like SH*T! True story, everyone in my family agreed, these were a BUST…
So I decide today will not be a failure, I will succeed at something! So I made these

Seriously, one cannot screw up thumbprint cookies, sugar free I might add. These were edible, so much so that I think there may only be 1 or 2 left! So it was not an Epic Failure of a day, cookies saved the day. I do think I will stick to cooking and give up on the baking goddess I will never be! Some days though, the kids say I can’t even cook! I brought home a great lunch today, Chinese takeout, I succeeded at lunch!

Looks like I will be heading to the local shops for my baked goods this holiday season, and you know what, THANK GOD!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I missed you Treadmill!

Ok , it’s only been 2 days since I was last at the gym but I have not really been participating like I should have. The last few days I have been lazy, eating crap and just not pushing myself, and the scale shows it, 6lbs up! WTF!! So today I decided to motivate myself and make a plan! I made sure my gym bag was in my car and had a set time to arrive at Gym. All the plans lined up like the Heaven’s and I made it on schedule. I did my 30 min run but felt compelled to keep going so I fired that bad boy back up for another 11 min, so in total today I ran 3.22 miles in 41 minutes that included a 10 min warm up cool down.. not too bad for newbie runner. However, I was a tad freaked out because I just had a spray tan the day before and was fearful bronzer was running down my face as I ran, that would have been a Snooki moment for sure! Tan is in place and now I feel great and ready to dance my pants off at my work Christmas party Saturday evening, that will be some good cardio!

I always like to see what other post op menu’s look like and see if I am stacking up! Protein wise I’m not on target since abandoning the meat wagon 5 weeks ago! I need to work on that, seriously! Today my menu was kind of like a 5 year old’s! I had a grilled cheese for breakfast(which I have been obsessed with for a week?) lunch was noodles in a vegetable broth and dinner was cheese tortellini with a marinara sauce… Can you say CARB OVERLOAD! Where’s the veggies Inkdgirl? Bad Bad me, I know and funny thing is I was craving stir fried veggies all day, but after coming home from Gym , I did not want to go back out to get em! Tomorrow marks a new day, one that will be less carb heavy(cuz I’m not training for a marathon) more vegg heavy and will still include pickles and cheese! Tonight I’m definately snacking as my dinner was probably only a 1/4 cup of pasta.. the plan … I will be knuckles deep in some guac and owning it!

So cheers to a good night my friends!

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