Yup, I love J shore! I know, I ,know, I’m a 41 year old woman but this is my reality TV vice! I have been patiently waiting for this to come back on and I love it.. I should probably admit at this time that I also watch Teen Mom, Real World and all the other MTV reality shows. I admit it, I am a loser.. Seriously though, what else can I possibly be doing at 10pm! Tv is my lil escape and I secretly wanna fist pump with Vinny and Pauly D, I wanna tan and shop with Snooki and JWOWW, hang with Deana and Sammi and pump iron with Ronnie and The Sitch!

So sad eh!

I know I am not alone and I will be rocking mad flow while watching tonight!

Ciao.. fist pump- pushup- chapstick!!!!

Where do you find the motivation?

Simple question, but hard to answer… right.

There are days when I just do not want to do anything and what I have learned over the years is that these are the days I should just do such.. nothing… It may seem wrong to some, but I would rather take a rest day when my body says so than go to the gym and put forth a pathetic effort.. You know why, because I know that the next day will be better.. Yes there are days that I go to the gym when I don’t want too, but I know I feel better afterwards…

Today was one of those days where my motivation was not awesome, Yes I watched Biggest Loser last night and NO I did not feel the need to kill it at the gym! I went, did a quick 2.65 mile run and got out.. I got my cardio in , I burned 308 calories and I felt somewhat satisfied.. Good enough for today.. It is freezing here in Canada and the snow is falling and kind of a dreary day.. So this was just enough of a workout that I needed..

And don’t forget……

There is always a NEW day tomorrow!

I will kill it ,, then

I think I feel better????

So I slept like a rock last night, thank you all pharmaceutical companies, and woke this am feeling kinda normal.
Started my day with a tea and donut, yes really I did! Then decided if I am upright, I should be running! So of to the gym I go and what a freakin zoo.. Newbie central! That is fine, I’m all for gym memberships and kudos to those who stick with it! I actually liked that there were more older people than young, you go Gramma!
So Inkdgirl ran, and it felt so good, but stupid treadmill shuts down at 35 minutes and I was at 2.95 miles, seriously I need 3.1 miles( that’s my 5km) .. oh well one of these days I will run that 5km in under 35 min..
I had some quiet time this afternoon and decided to watch yet another documentary (slight addiction)
Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead…. what an awesome movie! LOVED IT!! Catch it if you can ,it is life changing..Let me just say I am getting me a juicer ASAP!!

So, seeing as I do not currently own a juicer , I needed to actually cook tonight and this was on the menu!

Yves Veggie Ground Round Lasagna!

I know, I know Inkdgirl hates fake meat, and I do, but I think it maybe growing on me. But seriously, when you slather on this much parm, sauce and mozza you know it will be delish! However, I do not think that after being sick for 3 days this was a wise meal choice and my poor lil tummy told me after I gobbled it up! Oh well I needed some nutrition anyways. It is still better than a cookie.


Well, see ya later 2011.. it has been a blast, NOT… I am so very happy to say good bye to this past year as it was probably one of the most trying years I have endured. Two major surgeries done, work issues and just plain old BS. Done, over with.

I will have a much better year this year, I can feel it. I am stronger, healthier and more positive about future career decisions.
I did not start this year out well though,I have been ill since Fri eve and today is the worst day yet! Boooo!
My kiddies are of to Gramma’s for a big feast and I will stay put on the couch, curled up watching football! Not a bad trade off!

I made up some sweet potatoe fries today hoping to try and get some nutrition into this machine of a body! It seems to only want tea though. I am sure my scale will show me some great numbers, but I know they will be false results due to my lack of eating!

Here is hoping everyone has a healthy, happy blissful New Year !

Vegetarian Stuffed Shrooms! A party favourite!

These guys are so good, even though they look like lil drops of poo! Trust me , you will like! I’ve been making these for years and have never had anyone complain that they weren’t good. They are so simple too, recipe provided, now remember, I do not measure anything. It’s a pinch of this a smidge of this kinda recipe.

Here goes!

2 containers of big mushrooms
breadcrumbs –apprx 3/4 cup
calorie wise zesty Italian salad dressing–apprx 1/4 cup
Parmesan cheese apprx 1/2 cup

ok, DE-Stem ( is that a word) mushrooms and cut up all stems into a bowl-set aside caps
add breadcrumbs to stems, add Parmesan cheese then mix in salad dressing… now here’s the crazy part, I just mix it together until I get a mushy consistency.. but not over wet

then stuff this back into the caps..
put a small amount of water in a pyrex dish, just so the bottoms of the mushrooms are wet

bake for 20 min at 350.. you are done… I like to take mine out of the water bath and put on a cookie sheet to harden them up a bit.

Serve with light Caesar or Ranch Dressing


A Happy New Year’s App, from me , to you!

I’m hurt, Non Resolution will have to wait :(

So I decided today to start ripping the stinky smelly old carpet off my stairs, not a good idea. I have been baby’ing my newly constructed abdominal wall since my surgery in July. I guess pulling the carpet was not a good exercise to undertake, because now it hurts like H*ll.. My wall is cramped up and I’m curled in fetal position, bad bad me! I knew that my wall was fragile, but when you are in the middle of a task you just don’t realize that you should stop! So now I am paying for it and I guess P90X will have to wait till mid month or after I talk to the DR.. I don’t want to start a program , only to fail at it. So I will keep up with my running and weights, but leave the abdominal wall alone!


My New Year’s NON Resolution

That’s right, I am not making one because it sets you up to fail from the begining. I do not like to fail or lose, so this is my Plan, not resolution. I will be starting the P90X on the 1st or 2nd, depends on the day but I will start it! I watched Tony Horton on Dr Oz today and was quite impressed. If Dr Oz likes him he has to be good, right. I also read a ton of people’s posts on myfitnesspal about the program. I know it’s going to be hard, it’s supposed to be hard! If it was easy, everyone would do it! I love running and weight training at the gym, but I will give this a go and I hope to results. I’m very results oriented and I need to see them or I will think it’s not working. Tonight I flexed my bicep and I saw a baby bump.. Progress! So I will do a Day 1 photo and post it and then post pics at regular intervals to see if you folks see any changes! I’m hoping for definition and fat loss. I have 19lbs to get to my goal of 140, but if I bulk up and the scale doesn’t move, I get it, as long as my body is changing that to me will be the result!My only issue with the plan thus far(reading the nutrition booklet) is the protein heavy phase 1. I do not eat meat protein but they do give vegetarian options, I may need to start eating fish again. My problem is I just do not eat enough portions, I’m kinda limited!  I do not want to fail at this and I do not want to give up . We will see how it goes I guess. I feel confident that I can , I mean I WILL DO THIS….

Well guys, wish me luck!

Ah yes, Back to the Gym!

Can’t say I was not excited to go today, because I really truly was! I was very afraid though that I would not be able to get my 5km run in, due to my piss poor eating habits this past week. I was sure that my cookie overload would have prevented a successful run, but it did not. I completed my 5km in 37 min and that is with my warm up and cool down time included! That is my best time yet and I am finding that once I get to the 28 min mark I just wanna increase my pace and go! I am running now very comfortably at a 1% incline and keeping the speed at 5.6-5.7.. I do bump it up to 6mph when I’m trying to finish, my sprint lol. I fiqured since I burned 333 calories I deserve a trip to Starbucks, seriously, I do not need an excuse to go there! They were all out of Earl Grey tea , so I chose a Joy Tea Latte(a Christmas Tea) and it was awesome! I battled the mall with mini diva, she had some gift cards burning a hole in her pocket, that place was a zoo and I was most ready to get outta there.

A successful day and I am hoping to repeat it again tomorrow! I am currently working on making some big changes in the New Year, career wise and I am quite excited for the change. I will enlighten you all once the plan is in motion. Too early to discuss as I do not want to jinx it, but you will be the first to know.

Cheers to y’all and try to rest up, we have 1 more holiday to get through.

I made it through Xmas, but I ate like crap!

Yup, I sure did! Yesterday was horrible, pretty sure I consumed more coconut macaroons than I possibly should have~! I will admit, I loved it, being the naughty girl I am. However, I did consume way too many sweets stuff and nowhere near the protein I need. I probably should have had a protein supplement just to even it out but I didn’t.
We awoke this am at 630, urghhh, opened gifts (plug to Starbucks, my fam jam took the HINT I got tons of Gift Cards!!) and my tree was down by 830 am! Yes , this is correct! Record timing for me! I just cannot do the clutter any longer, but it was quickly replaced by multiple Justin Bieber dolls and copious amounts of tiny toys! My children have grown up with my tree removing and they are none the wiser that normal folk keep theirs up for weeks longer! I was very ZEN after the clean up was done.

Then came food prep time, this was actually pretty easy as I purchased a cook from frozen turkey for the fam. Too easy eh, just plop the bird in the roaster and go.. love it. This is what Inkdgirl ate

Y’all know I hate fake meat but I decided to give this product a go and I was AMAZED! It was good and it came with gravy which made me most happy! I will give a huge shout out to Gardein for making a product that Inkdgirl did not raise her nose too! I will definitely be checking into other products by this company. I was only able to eat half of a breast, but I will take 1 with me to the inlaws for supper tomorrow evening. I cannot get all the “meat” in plus my smashed potatoes too, and I was not giving up potatoes, I like them way too much. So today was a successful day and I am very grateful for all that has happened this past year, but I’ll save that for my New Year’s post! For all of you heading out Boxing Day shopping, have fun.. You will find me in Starbucks, quietly enjoying my latte compliments of the fam jam!

Merry Christmas folks!

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