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Down Time = Vacation

I absolutely love the beach . I can sit and stare at water for hours a day . The peacefulness and calm ground me . I’m on vacation at Cedar Point in Ohio now and loving it . We have gotten a full 3 days of rides and water parks in







I managed 1 training run and it was a beauty




I could run along the beach everyday !
Today we leave and I won’t be getting a run in , but I will be making up for this and making sure I get all the miles in !

Now I’m off to the beach for a few hours !


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Hey guys ,

Well silly old me did not realize that when I reactivated my facebook page, I hadn’t published it yet… Duhhhh

I was wondering when I checked my insights and reach and it was getting seen by 1 person , me , the admin???

Duh right!

Well any hoo , here’s what I’d love from y’all if you don’t mind


If you wouldn’t mind liking me on Facebook so I can get my page growing again …

I love y’all!!!

Vega Smoothie – Ah Ma Zing!

I love making protein smoothies and this one was the best ever!
After visiting Fuel+ in Toronto yesterday I am on a quest to make the perfect Vega protein smoothie ever!

This is what happened today

You will need
1 scoop of Vega Tropical smoothie mix
2 bananas
Scoop of Earth Balance Coconut PB
Unsweetened coconut milk
A few squirts of Davinci SF coconut syrup ( I order mine from Low Carb Grocer)

Simply throw everything into the blender/vitamix/Nutribullet
And whizz it up





This included all my favorite things – a Coconutty PB Banana filled yum fest ! I thought I totally should have shaved some dark chocolate on top ! That would have sent this into epic ness!

Running on Empty

I’m really not sure what is happening with me and my runs lately but I’m on E !
Work is really stressing me out and I’ve lost all focus. I’m finding that I’m bored of my routes , I don’t want to run over the same 2 bridges in town , my shins hurt and I’m sucking at my pace?
What the heck is going on and how do I get my MoJo back?
I’m finding that running that first mile is a killer , it’s like back when I first started running and the first 2 miles were horrible.
Yesterday was a gorgeous day and I ran on my favorite waterfront path

But , 1:08 to run 6 miles ? This is so not like me. I’m a lost little runner .
I have the Toronto Women’s Half on Sunday and it’s in threat of being cancelled , by me , due to work issues and I’m kinda pissed but I’m also thinking maybe I don’t have it in me?
I gotta shake out of this funk and find my focus again. I’m feeling like a newbie runner all over again.
I do believe too much treadmill running over the winter has left me in piss poor shape for road running.
However , I did PR my half just a few weeks ago in DC so maybe I just need to shake my head and kick my own ass. I know I can do this but my head keeps quitting on me .
I’m going to suck it up Sunday , if I make it , wear a pair of old but reliable shoes ( not a fan of my new Brooks Adrenaline) and just embrace e the race.
You see , I am attempting my first ultra June 6 when I travel back to Kentucky with my Run it Fast peeps and run RUTs – a 10 hr endurance race . I’m not spilling the beans on my plan , my goals or what distance I want to conquer because I want to surprise myself before I officially announce it!
So it’s time to suck it up buttercup , fix those dang shin splints and just run my little arse off!

Running is Not for Quitters!

I’m officially a Trail Race Finisher!

I freaking did it !

This weekend I travelled all the way to Grand Rivers Kentucky to run the Land Between the Lakes 23k trail race with a handful of my Run it Fast peeps.

My lil journey started on Thursday when I flew into Paducah on this big jet liner


I actually took a real plane to Chicago then connected on this bad boy!
Realizing the amount of snow and Ice still on the ground here in Kentucky made me shake my head – No I left Canada to get away from this !

We got together the night before for a dinner that my dear friend Donna organized for us RIF’ers . It was at Patti’s and it was great . We all laughed and told stories and I made some amazing friends in real life now.

I laid out Flat Dawn

Tried to sleep , didn’t happen then got up and ate my usual oatmeal / banana /peanut butter breakfast !

We all met at the start line for a RIF group photo

Gun time was 630 am sharp , and we were off! We started on the road for about 2 miles before we entered the trails.
Then it was chaos , there were so many people and one tiny little trail , until it opened up about a mile in. The trails in the beginning were mostly snow covered


However , that did not last long! It turned to slush , muck and more muck! My feet were absolutely drenched!
I was feeling really strong 5 miles in , this is where we had an aid station and hit the back side of the trail – the part with the hills!

I found Donna here and we pretty much ran the next half of the race together . It was great , we chatted and talked up a storm.

Then I got wet and muddy and hit a small wall. Those up hills were killer and my feet were freezing. But , I totally did not complain because the course was just beautiful and I was happy to be outside.


At about 12 miles we came back out to the road and I finally got some pics of the lake



I saw the finish line and booked it for a finish time of 3:10:13


Took my shoes and socks off



Drive back to the hotel barefoot , showered , met Donna for a fabulous burger lunch then waited for my guys to finish!
The boss man RIF #1 Joshua Holmes made us all proud by finishing the 50 miler in treacherous conditions!


A great day with some great people . I can’t wait to come back in June for RUTS !



Some epic running and family time!

You know those times when you train so dang hard you wonder if you are neglecting family time – that was this week for me and I knew I had to rectify that!

Let’s start with the running – It Was an Epic week!

44.5 miles of hard core training . I had some decent mill runs because I just cannot run in this cold , my Raynaud’s is off the charts this winter.
I ended February with a total of 126 miles. Yee freaking ha!


So after all this running and working full time I had to take the kiddies out for some fresh air adventures.

We hit up Presquile Provincial Park in Brighton to walk some trails and play on the ice ! Here’s some pics of our adventures






We saw ice volcanoes and this amazing ice bridge


We then walked the 1.4km trail hoping to see some wildlife – we didn’t


So this week I “taper” for my first ever trail race in Kentucky – this Saturday eeekkk!!!

I’m flying out Thursday and will be most happy to run in anything other than snow !

Hope you all have had an epic weekend !

Week 3 NWHM training Done!


Done and done !!
31.07 miles completed last week .

How did it go? Well for the most part not too bad , my hips started to tighten up by the end of the week so I skipped stretching for a few days . Huh ? Yes , I skipped stretching . I honestly think I may have been over stretching my hips and caused my own pain!

I focused this week on speed on the mill


See , all 9 min miles on there !

Saturday was my long run and it was the most uncomfortable , horrendous run ever ! I started out trying to determine my route and very quickly realized that I needed to run roads not sidewalks as they had iced up like a rink! Then after about 45 minutes the wind picked up and I was battling ridiculously strong head winds that had me feeling like I was going backwards instead of forwards! Nonetheless it got done and I felt great afterwards!

My monthly mileage totals as of today are sitting at 99.39 and I am super stoked considering I still have 4 days left in the month!

So now I will focus on fuel , protein and hydrating this week and gearing up for a 12 miler on Saturday!

Happy running friends!

Week 2 Nike Women’s Half Training Done!

Week 2 and I have not faltered from the plan at all! I haven’t switched up training days or slacked on mileage , I’ve done it all to a T !


I want to run this race strong but I am not worrying myself with PR’s or race goals , I just want to run injury free.

When I first downloaded the Nike app for the WerunDC race is was a bit worries that the mileage seemed kinda high , could I really do this without risking injury?
I told myself to follow it and if it becomes a chore or seems to be too much , then I can back off.

Has not happened yet , I know I know it’s only been 2 weeks but I’m sticking with it .

Here is a look at my runs this past week



My treadmill runs have been great and have allowed me to run a little faster than normal . Today’s long run was outside and it was Epic!! Not because I was fast , which I wasn’t , but because I was outside and the sun was out and it wasn’t freezing. My lungs have longed for fresh air and I sucked it back as hard as I could! I ran a totally new route which was great , down some country roads , and it allowed my mind to wander. No cars , no people just lots of animal tracks and peace and quiet.


I managed my required 31 miles for the week and feel great .


This week calls for the same mileage with 1 less run . A lovely 10 miler is on tap for next weekend!

Now my body is looking forward to a complete rest day tomorrow watching some Olympic hockey and major lounging!

Hope you all have had a great week of running too!

Week 1 Done – Nike Women’s Half


I am using the Nike Women’s We Run DC training app and it is great!
What an awesome first week of training , I was surprised by the mileage provided by the app and thought holy crap 25 miles in week 1?

I powered through those runs (all treadmill ) miles and it went like this
Monday – 3 miles
Tuesday – 5 miles
Wednesday – 5 miles
Thursday – cross train for 45 minutes
Friday – 4 miles
Saturday – 8 miles
Sunday – Rest!

All those runs were doable! I was nervous about the 8 on the mill but lucky for me the Olympic women’s hockey game was on and that got me thru it!

I look forward to week 2 and all the treadmill runs and increase in mileage.

Stay tuned for updates

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