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Marathon Over – Now What?

* This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own. *

So if you have been keeping up with the blog you saw that my Las Vegas “marathon” is now over. Those 18 long weeks of training are done. No more 5am Sunday wake up calls for a long run .

So what do I do now?

I’m going to get jacked!!!

Ok well not really , but I am going to heavily work on my strength training and I’m going to be doing it at GoodLife Fitness

This gym has everything I am looking for . The amount of equipment readily available is amazing. I am going to be looking at a new program to start as my 12 week Jamie Eason LiveFit program is ending in 2 weeks.
My goal is to work on developing a stronger leaner body to help support my running. I want to try and stay injury free next year so building up my core and strengthening my muscles is the game plan .

What I am planing on trying is GoodLife Fitness Group Exercise programs .


This is WAY out of my comfort zone as I am very happy doing things on my own and being in a group frightens me . I watched a Body Combat class and thought it looked so cool! I also want to get in on the RPM spin classes.

So moving forward I do have a few trail races booked already for 2015 and really do not think there will be any road marathons next year. My goal is to get strong , lean out and just have fun with training while challenging myself to do new things.

What are your plans for 2015? Do you have set program that you use? Are you actively involved in group classes?

Let’s discuss

Being a Mother Runner is hard

This run tonight was a tough one , not physically but mentally . My lil one met up with me as I started my run and she wanted me to come home because she hasn’t seen me all day . She was at a sleep over last night and I worked all day today so I promised her this will be a quick one and I will be back soon so we can cuddle and spend the evening together .


It is HARD.
Priorities are different when your time is so valued by someone other than yourself .
Should I have turned around and went home with her , probably, but I knew I wouldn’t be long and I needed this quiet time to decompress from my day.

My kids will Always come before any run and this is what I am sure every Mother Runner out there has experienced.

How do you balance life, motherhood and running?

Let’s discuss


Day 9 of LiveFit and I RAN today !

Oh Em gee – this girl has her first run in 10 days !

And it did not hurt !

Under strict advisement by my Dr , I ran only 2 treadmill miles – I listened and didn’t over do it .
I did however start out way too fast

Pretty sure it just the pure excitement that led me to that 8min/mile. I did however slow it down for the second mile and it felt good .


After my run it was Day 9 of the LiveFit Program which meant Back & Biceps. I am so loving this program and I will finish all 12 weeks of it , I’m addicted to the structured daily lifts .
I kept the weights pretty much the same as last week on Day 2 .

My meal plan was on point today too
Meal 1 – 2 eggs scrambled with 1/2 avocado
Meal 2 – BSN protein , 1/2 sweet potato
Meal 3 – chopped salad with 1/2 chicken breast
Meal 4 – vega One protein bar
Meal 5 – ground turkey meatloaf , roasted cauliflower

Meal 6 to be determined , I’ll probably snack on something during Criminal Minds . Most likely some cheese and pepperoni sticks ( protein)

Hope everyone is having a training day , whatever you are training for !

Keep at it and Never Ever Quit !

Please Don’t Be Injured – A runners worst nightmare

Training for a marathon is hard, physically and mentally ,but when you physically are injured the mental game increases tri fold.

This is my current dilemma – Am I hurt?

Last year during the Scotiabank Toronto Half Marathon I got hurt. I was 16km into the race when my entire right side gave out . I thought it was just a calf or foot issue but after visiting the chiropractor and sports therapist it was determined my hip was out of whack.

I went religiously to my therapist and did all my stretches and I got better. Whew !

Fast forward 11 months and guess what – It’s Back.

Dammit , this cannot be happening. This time around it is way worse , before I never felt pain in the hip , just the side effects of it . Not this time , it kills me . Walking is painful , sitting hurts and oddly enough it feels ok when running?

I am seeing the Sports Therapist in the am and my family Dr next week , here’s hoping all is going to be ok and running the Rock N Roll Las Vegas full is on.

I will attempt my 15 miler this weekend and see how it goes , I may be couch bound afterwards but I’m going to try .

How do you all deal with injuries during training? Do you ever use holistic approaches?

Let’s discuss

Rest Day , Slow Runs and Long Distances

Today is my rest day – as per my plan!

Do I love this – yes .
Do I feel like I need it – No !
Will I listen – probably not !

Honestly , based on this 18 week plan I don’t feel like I’m putting in enough miles for all these rest days


For example , week 6 , which I am on – only has 18 miles on the plan for this week? With both Monday and Friday being rest days and 1 day on the weekend for cross training .

I’m not tired enough. I ran 4 miles on Tuesday instead of 3 , 5 miles Wednesday and 4 miles Thursday. My “long” run for the weekend is a setback week and calls for 7?
Not happening !
I plan on running at least 10 !

I suck at following training plans and have a tendency to wing it !
I truly believe that you need to listen to your body and mine is saying “get off your ass and run girl”



On a side note – I’m slowing down! As you can see from the above pics , these are my treadmill times. I used to be able to punch out solid 8 min/miles – not lately !
To me I won’t become a fast runner so I am focusing on form and distances for now .
As you can see I also got this beauty this week


The Garmin Forerunner 220 in my fav colour – purple!
I have yet to road test this bad boy , But it is not matching up to my Nike+ app or the treadmill screen on runs. There is typically about a .4 mile difference in the distance . I’m ok with that .

So this weekend I’m going to head out on my long ( not 7 mile ) run with my new Garmin , focused mind and good form and bang out some decent training miles!

Happy Weekend my friends !
Enjoy your long run !

Training Plans – How Do You Stick To Them?

Man oh Man I have a really hard time with them.

I am only 5 weeks into my Hal Higdon’s Novice Marathon plan and I’m already questioning it?


I feel like I’m not running enough mileage which is crazy for me because by the end of a plan I complain I am running too many miles?

I recently read this article which shows a study done , that proves if you run more miles you run a faster marathon time

So I’m conflicted, I read the book Run Less Run Faster and honestly I don’t think it’s for me. I am not fast , my track workouts are pathetic and I am more comfortable running distance miles slower than trying to be a sprinter. I am not a Boston qualifying runner by any means and I am ok with that.

I have the Nike+ coaching app that I look attorney see what kind of miles they want and it’s far more than my current plan.

I think I’m at the point where I will just go run , when I want and keep my weekend long runs to increase by 10% weekly. I know enough not too overdue it so by increasing these LSD (long slow distance) by 1 mile each week is plenty.

I just so happened to purchase myself a new toy to help me out with these runs


The Garmin 220 – ain’t she pretty!!

So tell me , do you strictly follow a training plan or do you “wing it ” and just listen to your body?

4 yrs post op WLS !

Today I can very happily say that I am a WLS success story.

Yes people fail at this , it is not the easy way out . You can eat your way back to fat!

I choose not too . I do indulge in some poor choices but I am human and always find myself accountable. If I eat like shit I know I have to work it off in the gym and get back on track.

In the 4 yrs since my revision , my original Vertical Banded Gastroplasty was done in 98, my stomach has stretched and I can eat a pretty decent portion of food. In the beginning I was on a liquid diet , then soft and then graduated to eating about a golf ball size of real food. In the beginning the weight comes off rapidly, then you stall , become frustrated but you know it will be ok .

I have given up on the scale , I hate it ! It lies to me ! When I feel like my stomach is flat and not bloated I feel good. The scale is just a number. In the early WLS stages you are consumed by the number on the scale. Not any more!

I started out pre op at 284lbs

Today I weigh 163lbs , my lowest was 140lb. Yes I am still trying to get down to 145 , that is my goal weight . I make mistakes , I know that but I also know how to do this. I will get there.

The fact that I have run an Ultra Marathon makes me a winner! I went from Fat to Fit !

So to any of you who are struggling with weight , know that you can do it. It is very much a mental game and you need to get your head around it , put good food in your body and move that body – it will happen!

Happy Surgiversay to Me!

Broiled Pineapple Snacks


Happy Snackin right here!

Take a fresh pineapple , cut it up , core it ( I didn’t) and place on a foil lined sheet.

Sprinkle with cinnamon
You can also spread some honey on it , I didn’t but I used this coconut sugar for sweetness

Put some unsweetened coconut on top and broil for about 5 minutes



My kids loved them , however , I did have to put a little lite whip cream on theirs!

Eat all the food!

Why I Quit Crossfit , lost friends and became a better Runner!

There has been so much negativity being sent to those who Crossfit. I am not here for that .
I was a Crossfitter , I drank the Kool Aid – I became addicted !
Yes it really does have it’s own religious following .

But , I was also a runner and I failed at running when I was so invested in Crossfit. I neglected the sport that I loved , I did not train properly for races and I got hurt. Do I blame Crossfit ? Not at all , it was my choice.
Let’s back the story up – I started CrossFit in January of last year . I was only a casual member but very quickly moved up to going 6 days a week. I loved beating my times , lifting heavier weights and challenging my body.




I competed in 13.1 and did OK for a newbie.
I loved it and I loved all the people at my box- they were family.
What happened to my running family though ? Did I neglect them , forget about them ? Kind of!
Then I realized I had half marathons to run and I did not train at all!
I ran the Goodlife half marathon in May of last year and it was horrible , however I did PR it , but it hurt and I sucked at it !
Then I ran the Scotiabank Half in the fall of last year and I was hurt .
I went to my sports therapist and he basically said to me , Run or Crossfit – pick one – not both!
I had to really evaluate this but clearly I love to run and that is what got me into shape post weight loss.
I chose Running.
I quit Crossfit , my Twitter feed lost some followers and I lost Facebook friends.
Was I ok ? Absolutely .
Yes it felt weird not going to the box anymore , but I saved a hefty chunk of money as well – running is free!
It took a solid year before I realized I didn’t have to label myself as anything “Crossfitter” “runner” whoever , I’m just me .
I did learn how to lift properly and with that knowledge I still lift at my gym for cross training . No I don’t push myself like I would have if I was in a class , but hey – I still lift – minus the title!

So what happened with running?
Well , I became an Ultramarathoner ! I ran 35 miles and 9 hours and 40 minutes straight at the Run Under the Stars Race this past June.



So in the end , chose an activity or sport that you love and run with it . Embrace it . Enjoy it . Do not let social media dictate who or what you should be . We aren’t all “cool kids” . We all excel at different things and that is ok.
Go out there and Be a Better Crossfitter , Runner , Bodybuilder or Bikini Figure competitor.

I am me and that’s ok.
Ultra Dawn

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