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No not that kind of purging! 

This is a new month and I am ready to set some new goals.

I am purging my life of all negativity, excess stuff and just general bad feelings.

The simple task of just cleaning out your own bedroom is healing. Since my middle child left for college I’ve started purging all things unnecessary, donating lots and trashing even more. This is such a cleansing process that I decided to mentally purge my own mind too.

I’ve become rather negative when it comes to my training. I’m slower than ever, my legs and feet hurt and I am constantly telling myself I am not as good as “that” person. 

I need to change/purge my thinking or I will never succeed. 

I made the conscious decision today to just focus on the positive – I am still able to run , I am still active and I am not a quitter. 

Focus and determination will get me there  


Why I don’t run in a group.

These are my opinions only – I am neither For Nor Against group runs. These are simply my own thoughts so No Judging! 

I have been asked many times to either join a running group or run with others during my training but I have never committed to it and here is my reasons. 

1. I Am Slow As Molasses! 

My pace has slowed significantly over the past few years, I started out running pretty strong but lately I just run slow. I’m 100% OK with this but I never want to be the last one in a group run that someone is Always waiting on. 

2. I Like To Be Alone. 

I am a very busy person who has a full time job and a family. I am connected to my phone 24/7 due to work and when I get a chance to run I want alone time. My phone gets put on Do Not Disturb and I go. No disruptions. 

3. I’m Not Going To Compete. 

Yes, there is always that “one” person who is the leader , the star, the best. They take over the run, push the pace and win at those training runs. ( I am aware this is Not always the case but admit it, it happens). If I am on a training run that’s what I’m doing , training – not competing. 

4. Commitment

I cannot always commit to a set schedule. My job is demanding and I fly by the seat of my pants most days. I run when I can and if I need to skip a run – I Do. 

5. Music

I need loud music buzzing in my head so I forget about my heart and brain beating like mad. Yes I have run/walked an entire 50k minus the tunes but I don’t want to talk/gossip on a run. I want Jay Z , Kanye and Motley Crüe blasting in my head. 

So this is me. I am not you. You may like group runs and that’s cool too. I don’t. 

Yes I agree there is an added motivation during a group run to go a little faster , finish strong and PR but I’m no elite runner- I’m just me , running because I love it. 

Peace out and happy running my friends. 


Family Time Always Trumps Running 

As a mom juggling everyday life is hard , so add in the struggle of marathon training and you got a full dance card. BUT – my family will always come first. 

I have seen people let running consume them, I’ve been there. I have missed events before because I had to get a run in. 

Then I realized something – I am not an elite, I do not get paid for this and I will most likely never win any kind of AG award, this is ok! 

Running is my quiet time and my escape- it is my hobby and so is working out. Family is my life. 

This weekend I packed up my oldest daughter and sent her away to Ottawa for college ( rugby training camp starts earlier than school) and I was not missing that goodbye. 

It was also the mini divas year end soccer tournament and we spent 2 days on the pitch. I could have gotten up extra early to run but I honestly didn’t want too. I wanted to be fresh and ready to cheer my kid on. 

I will always have weekends to run but I will never get memories back. 

Family First 💜

I Am Going To The canfitpro World Fitness Expo!!!!

Ambassador_stamp (3) *This post has been written as a part of the canfitpro world fitness expo Ambassador Program

Holy Cow – this is huge news guys I am going to canfitpro world fitness expo in August and I cannot wait.

This girl is going to be rubbing shoulders with some of the top leading health and fitness pro’s from around the world including

    • Tosca Reno – Eat-Clean Expert
    • Rita Catolino – Transformation Coach
    • Loren Cordain – The Paleo Diet™ author
    • Eric the Trainer – Hollywood physique expert
    • Kathy Smart – North America’s Gluten Free Expert™
    • Mandy Gill – Crossfit competitive athlete
    • Brad Schoenfeld – author of Look Great Naked

So what exactly is canfitpro ?

canfitpro is the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry. Founded in 1993,  canfitpro delivers accessible, quality education, certifications, conferences, trade shows, and  membership services. canfitpro’s over 100,000 members include some of the world’s finest fitness  professionals, health club operators, industry suppliers, and fitness enthusiasts.

canfitpro is Canada’s largest certification organization for fitness professionals. canfitpro offers education for both fitness professionals and fitness consumers. canfitpro hosts more than 14 fitness conferences across Canada annually.

The canfitpro world fitness expo is the largest combined fitness conference and trade show  in the world with over 15,000 delegates and visitors. canfitpro world fitness expo is the largest combined fitness conference and trade show in the world with  over 15,000 delegates and visitors. The event brings together world‐class presenters and cutting‐edge  companies, providing fitness professionals, health club operators, and fitness enthusiasts the  opportunity to access the best education, products, and services that the fitness industry has to offer.

Facts about world fitness expo:

Over 400 sessions of cutting‐edge fitness education in personal training, group fitness, mind‐ body, nutrition, active ageing, club business, and more

Featuring international presenters from over 5 continents

Free admission, with online registration, to the Expo Hall where delegates and visitors can  experience free education, sample products, demo equipment, and shop the best deals in  the fitness industry

Access to fitness competitions including The Element CrossFit Megacity Throwdown and  Ontario Physique Association Natural Regional Championships

I do not even know where I will start at this world fitness expo as I want to interview everybody.

GUESS WHAT – You can come too because I am giving away a Free 1 Day Registration . All you have to do is enter my Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Charity Run: Las Vegas hosts BADASS Dash Obstacle Course Challenge to spread awareness for autism

Las Vegas’ visitors are often clad in suits and gowns, ready to play in one of the most luxurious establishments in the city. However, on May 23rd, the city was instead filled with thousands of people in running outfits who participated in the BADASS Dash Obstacle Course Challenge. The purpose of the challenge was to raise awareness for autism and support the nonprofit organization Autism Speaks.

The BADASS Dash Obstacle Course Challenge featured 45 obstacles that were designed to give participants a sense of what autistic people experience on a daily basis. Some of the race’s challenges included balancing on beams and crawling through a number of tubes.

“Somebody with autism feels these obstacles, or various forms of these obstacles, every day,” said Grant Reeves, CEO for the BADASS Dash series states.

Autism is a complicated developmental disorder that is often associated with people who have difficulties in communicating what they want. Symptoms in children include failing to make eye contact, not responding when someone calls their name, or playing with toys in a very unusual and repetitive way. Both men and women are equally exposed to autism, and the environment and bloodline are two of the biggest factors why people acquire it. Autism is cured by early intervention and teaching children how to properly respond through a series of interactions.

Autism wasn’t diagnosed properly 2 decades ago so people who weren’t considered as an autistic in the past can be deemed as one today due to the changes in the condition’s analysis. In some countries, autism isn’t being regarded seriously, and charity runs like the BADASS Dash Obstacle Course serve as a beacon of awareness for such nations.

Las Vegas’ establishments have been on the decline for several years now due to the strict competition from their online counterparts. InterCasino, a pioneer of live roulette and other innovative online gaming services, is one of the sternest rivals that Las Vegas has faced since its inception a couple of decades ago. In order to regain its visitors, Las Vegas is now opening its facilities to non-gaming events, and the BADASS Dash Obstacle Course Challenge is a great way to not only drive traffic into the city but also put Sin City in a more positive light.

I am an Ultra Walker – RUTs review 

I had 2nd annual RUTS ( run under the stars) 10 hr endurance race this past Saturday – and I Ultra Walked 90% of it! 

Do I lose my title of Ultra Runner now or does the distance alone save me ? 

Here’s why my race was pathetic – 

1. I drove 15 hrs to Kentucky on Friday

2. I slept little on Friday night 

3. Saturday I didn’t really carb up well and eating Vegan in the south is a challenge

4. The race started at 8pm and that’s cutting it close to my bedtime

5. It was HOT AS BALLS , 96 degrees at race start with 100% humidity

6. Cicadas where flying in my hair and face 

7. I just ran a 50k two weeks prior 

Ok enough with the excuses – here’s how I really felt 

I love the camaraderie of running this race with all my Run It Fast friends 

  We represented at RUTs and having them beside me on the track is an amazing feeling . 

This race consists of running a 1/2 mile track for 10hrs – 8pm to 6am . Sounds crazy but it’s doable. Last year I ran 35 miles in 9:40 so I wanted 40 miles this year but that did not happen , not even close . 

I think I ran maybe the first 3 miles then my tore up hips said nope you are not doing this again – so I walked and I walked fast ! 

I sat when I needed to sit , I drank a ton of G2 , ate a bag of licorice and changed 4x because it was HOT AS BALLS! 

When that last hour on the clock showed I knew I needed to get my butt in gear if I was going to get an ultra of 50k and I booked it – I Walked it Fast ! 

I managed a 50k in 9:39 – not epic , not pretty but 50k is still 50k . 


The last 4 laps I walked with an ice cold towel on my head to prevent me from passing out! Let’s just say there were a lot of sick runners out there – I talked to many who were puking during the race . But , we never quit do we ! 


In the end I count myself as an Ultra Walker this race and that’s ok , you gotta do you and what works for you . So if some don’t consider thy ultra awesome – I say ” screw you ” because I still ran/walked 50 Effin Km’s ! 

I will be back next year Kentucky , I’ve got something to prove . 

Big Things are Happening ! 

I had to keep a secret which was ridiculously hard for me because I have such a huge presence on social media – but I did it ! 

I was selected to be a Digital Champion for this October’s  Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

I will be blogging , Instagraming and just spreading the word on my training ! I’ve got lots of time to train properly before this marathon and let’s hope we can get a shiny new PR . 

Now before we get to October there are some big things happening. This coming Saturday I’m running the Sulpher Springs 50k trail race  

This race is 2 weeks post Goodlife Marathon and it is going to be rough . I haven’t run a trail race since last March ! Today I hit up Goodrich Loomis trails to practice 

There are pretty decent climbs on this trail and it was kicking my ass . All was good till I almost stepped on a snake ! I hate snakes ! I lost it after this and walked a lot and I watched the ground – I was scared to death ! 

After this weekend’s race I head back to Kentucky for RUTs 10hr endurance race . Last year I did 35 miles in 9:40 and I am not finishing with less than 40 this year . 

Training is also going on for the Northface Endurance Challenge 50 miler in July . 

Big things going on this summer ! 
Stay tuned 

When you have nothing to say , a bloggers nightmare 

I have been struggling this week with blog topics and I just can’t seem to ” put pen to paper” . 

I know , weird right because I always have an opinion or just something to say . This week I was super stressed with a work issue that was weighing on my shoulders so I lost all focus . I just didn’t have it in me to blog . 

What I did have though was a desire to run . Weights , not so much . I really did not feel like lifting at all and I stuck to running. 

Not a huge high mileage week as my typical long run would have been today but I am putting it off till tomorrow . I am really hoping to get an outdoor run in tomorrow because I need some fresh air on these lungs . 

I have also made yet another food lifestyle change , I am back to being a veggie girl and have gone off meat yet again . I need to focus on more veggies and plant based living as I feel better when I do . So far it has been painless and I just picked up right where I left off last time . 

So I am hoping that this week the blog topic fairy pays me a visit and sends me some inspiration . 

I’ve become quite the bore! 

Happy Running Friends 

Giving up that booty life!

Yup , I sure am .

I am so over doing 2 heavy leg workouts in a week .

I added in some extra lifts this week trying to tweak my program and increasing my leg days was a huge mistake . I am a runner , not a fitness competitor therefore my booty is just fine by me. Yes the lure of having a perfectly sculpted back end is enticing but it takes it toll on my body. If I want to still get my running mileage in , I simply cannot be walking around with sore ass muscles and quadzillas!

Here is how my Week 3 lifting went

Starting weight 168


Bench – 50lbs
Row – 45 lbs
Presses – 40lbs
skull crushers – 30 lbs
BB curl – 40lbs
Cable Crunches – 50lbs

Squat – 135lbs
Stiff leg Deadlifts- 100lbs
Leg extensions – 135 lbs
Leg curls – 135lbs
Calf raises – 175lbs

Cardio – 6 miles

Thursday ( this is where I added in exercises)

Dips – 90lbs
Pull ups – 90lbs
Lateral raises – 40lbs
Tricep Push down – 35lbs
Cable curls – 35lbs

Added – BB rows 50lbs
Cable rows – 65lbs
1 arm DB rows – 30lbs
BB curls – 30lbs
Incline DB curls – 15lbs each
This felt like a good workout and my arms were jelly afterwards .

Friday ( leg day again!)

Deadlifts – 155 lbs
Leg press – 255lbs
Lunges with 40lb DB
Seated Calf raises – 95lbs
DB shrugs – 35lbs each
Leg extensions – 120lbs
Front squats – 60lbs
Calf raises – 175 lbs

I was a hot mess after this workout . Saturday is always strictly cardio and guess what – Dom De Dom Dom Doms!!!

I literally rolled out of bed on Saturday and that first step nearly killed me. My quads were burning and my glutes were screaming at me .

But I still managed a 4.4 mile painful slow run .

So here lies my dilemma , if I want to run 100 mile months this year I cannot work my lower body so dang hard . Yes I have very strong legs already and I do think a once a week lift on these stumps is sufficient.

So back to the drawing board I go to create a bigger better lift plan that focuses on the areas I actually want to improve – shoulders , chest , biceps , triceps and back .

Stay tuned for these changes , I promise I am not quitting this program , merely mixing it up a little !


2014 , The Year I Found Myself

*This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program , however all opinions expressed are my own .

Every year around this time we start to look forward and plan out our goals for the coming year .

This year I’m looking back on what was one of my greatest years ever. I did things this year that I never ever thought I could. I challenged myself , I encouraged myself and I became someone who isn’t afraid to step outside of the comfortable box .

I travelled a lot this year to run some very exciting races with some amazing people, people who inspire and encourage me .

In March I travelled to Kentucky to run my first ever 23k trail race and I was hooked. Running in the woods has become my new addiction . I love being one with nature and using muscles I never thought of when tackling those technical trails, I’m a trail junkie now .

April had me in Washington DC for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon and this was a great time . It was well organized with some great swag. I spent a lot of time wandering the streets of DC being a tourist .

In May I ran the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Women’s Half Marathon . I love running in Toronto because it is such a pretty city and running through their parks is almost peaceful .

My biggest accomplishment and the race that thought me the most life lessons was in June at Run Under The Stars (RUTS) in Kentucky. This was a 10hr endurance race that started at 8pm at night and you ran 1/2 mile laps all night long. I spent the majority of this night thinking and pondering. Talking to myself and wondering if I could do it? I hadn’t even run a full marathon yet and here I was contemplating doing an ultra distance . The support I received from my club Run It Fast was incredible, they were there every step of the way always speaking kind words, motivating me . I completed this race doing a total of 35 miles in 9 hours and 40 minutes. I had become an Ultra Marathoner.

I found myself during those long hours going around in circles. I realized I could do anything I set out to do.

I took the rest of the summer off from races , other than doing a Warrior Dash with my daughter in July . I started training for the Rock n Roll Las Vegas full marathon. I trained really hard for this one, it was my first road marathon.

Fast forward to November when the race was held and I basically had a DNF because they forced me to go an alternate route which was shortened by 5 miles because I was apparently too slow and did not meet their timing standards. I was absolutely mortified and felt like I had been cheated , I worked so hard for this and they took it away. I vowed that I would never run another road marathon again .

During my marathon training I started to lift again and followed a 12 week program . I diligently went every morning to my local GoodLife Fitness to lift and run . I found myself again . I realized that I liked how I felt when I lifted weights . When I had DOMS the day after a workout I felt like I had succeeded at pushing myself beyond what I thought capable. This would be my new focus , cross training by lifting.

So as I enter into a new year I do have new goals and big ones too. I have already signed up for a 60k, another 10hr endurance race and a 72 hour endurance race where my goal is to get my 100 mile buckle!
2014 was an amazing year but it set the bar high and I’m going to far surpass that goal and make 2015 my Year!

Running will be epic and I am going to get so fit by lifting at the gym that you won’t even recognize me !

I am ready for you 2015 , let’s do this !


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