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I love my Yurbuds!

So during my Black Friday shopping I made darn sure to pick up myself a birthday present. Guess what I got, you betcha Yurbuds earphones. My biggest challenge was decided which color. My favorite is purple so I went with them.

Aren’t they pretty


I used them for the first time today during a very sweaty 6 mile dreadmill run and they were awesome. The sound quality was great and they honestly did not move in my ears . I love them! I am a very sweaty runner at the gym and they never once slipped or moved. I’m a believer!


See, I’m a sweaty beast!

So if you haven’t tried them I highly recommend them. I got mine at Target and they were only $29.99.

Happy running !

The end of week 8!

Week 8 half marathon training has ended and it makes me realize that the event is only 4 weeks away. This makes me nervous. I know I can do it, I’ve done it before but it is just getting so close. Eeekk! This weekend totaled 15 miles in the books , 5 Saturday and 10 today. Lets discuss!
Saturday was a busy day, it started off absolutely devastating when this happened

Oh yes, I was almost brought to tears. I was off to do an open house and figured I would treat myself to a Skinny half pump mocha peppermint mocha and a Christmas Blend coffee. I placed the 2 drinks on my dash sat down and the fell all over me and the car. Sad face!! Devastated. So I went back in to Starbucks and they totally comp’d me new drinks and gave me cloths to clean up with! I love my Starbucks.

Then after the open house I ran , my scheduled 5 miles in 49 minutes, not too shabby. Of course I was #PoweredbyBits for this run.

Sunday is long run day and I swear I saw flurries this am, again I almost cried. No please don’t snow! So I got all geared up in my Under Armour cold gear , I really wish the running tights had a drawstring by the way UA! I ate my Bits, filled up my bottle with G2 and stashed a GU packet in my bra! We were off!

This run was not epic by any means! It started off decent but by mile 6 my hammies started to tighten up and I had to walk it off a bit! I ate my GU hoping to get a little more energy and finished off my G2. Still not pretty but I finished it, all 10 miles. See


I take such awesome post run pics!



So , 15 miles for the weekend . I feel ok now and I am off to celebrate my mom’s birthday and I will treat myself to so yummy food!

Hope you have a great week peeps.

Gearing up for a Racing good time!

So if you haven’t heard yet, I have a race tomorrow . Oh you know, just a little 10k with some zombies! I pretty excited to do this run, it’s going to be a crappy rainy day but I don’t care, I’m running this one for fun. I thought I wanted to PR this one but that changed when I found out the forecast and the fact that this one is going to be fun.

So I headed to Toronto today to grab my race kit from Salomon Sports, they were super organized and made for a speedy pick up! I also took advantage of the free coffee coupon from Aroma Espresso Bar ( cuz I love my coffee) . I did get my race swag too! A good loot!

Then I just had to head over to veggie paradise – aka Whole Foods . I never miss out on a chance to visit this place! I loaded up on some fresh veg and fruit then proceeded to fill up my overpriced $13 to go box! A must!

Now really how can I be in Toronto without an Ikea stop? I found a bed frame I need but it is physically impossible to fit in a BMW ? Will return tomorrow in an Ikea friendly vehicle!

Most important run of the day was to the Bux for a coffee and a pumpkin scone ( another must have) .

Upon returning home dinner was a boxed frozen pizza and some garlic bread – carbo loading you say?

I was sure to lay out my costume for the race to make sure I forget nothing! Most important item to pack my Energybits!!! I can’t forget those little bits of heaven!

Now I rest up , work a few clients in the am and head back to the T Dot to race tomorrow. Race updates and pics to follow!






I think I can RUN??

Today was the very first day since surgery that I actually thought… I feel good.. I wanna run…I think I can???
But, I didn’t try… I am kind of afraid to bounce the new boobs around too much! My panni incision feels great and there is no pain or tenderness at all. I am thinking after the weekend I may just hit up the old YMCA and give er a whirl… I am sure there is a Wanted poster there because it has been almost 3 weeks since I have been there.

I am headed stateside next week to NY to see my WLS surgeon for my 2 year follow up appt.. I know they will be thrilled with my success. I am officially down 140lbs . I feel amazing and love my RNY. This trip will be most welcome as I am going solo ( no kids) so I will be shopping till I drop. There will be more running swag than ever this trip! I am also excitied about hitting up Victoria’s Secret, for obvious reasons!

Hope all my American friends have a wonderful Memorial weekend….

Peace out!

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