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This Isn’t A Weight Loss Challenge 

Week 8 

#250kchallenge and I’m mentally beat up. I keep seeing other people who are participating and their results are amazing, I’m not seeing the same with me. What I need to get into my head is what this challenge means to me. 


I am doing this challenge for myself and I want to grow my muscles and physique into something it has never been, strong. 

Since being a part of Avatar Nutrition I’ve learned about the importance of actually feeding/fueling your body. Weeks 6 & 7 I changed my goal to fat loss and guess what , I weighed in at 183 for week 8. I gained weight on reduced calories/macros. My body was not ready for this nor was my metabolism. I decided immediately that I needed to reverse diet and bring my macros up to jump that metabolism. 

I feel frustrated because in my head I think that 8 weeks of serious changes in my diet and 5x a week heavy lifting I should magically have muscles. That’s not the case and I realize it takes time, this is a journey. 

Week 8 also had me out with pneumonia so I did 1 workout and no cardio because I had only 1 functioning lung. 

Week 9 begins today and I feel a bit better about it . I’m really looking forward to ending this challenge so I can stop comparing my progress to others. I’m also going to change up my workouts a bit, taking away PH3 and starting Lee Labrada 12 week lean program which are all found on the bodyspace app for 

Weigh in is Thursday so I’m hoping to have lost some weight in order to get my macros up even more! Here’s to more carbs! 

Week 2 #250kchallenge and a Video 

Wow, what a difference 2 weeks makes!! 

Biggest craziest thing is although I look like I’ve lost weight, I haven’t! My week 2 ended at 177lbs. I’m eating way more calories/macros and it’s paying off big time! Thanks of course to Avatar Nutrition for educating me on the importance of proper nutrition. I’m eating bigger and lifting bigger. Overall I feel great! 

I made a you tube video about my experience and want to share it with you all. Here is the Link to video so you can watch it. Please feel free to share it and comment on it. I’m going to be utilizing the channel more for updates and info on my progress. 
Happy eating Happy lifting friends 

I’m An RNY Patient and I’m NOT Afraid To Gain Weight Anymore. 

Say what???? 

You read it right, I never really played the whole weight loss surgery card, begged for followers because of it nor did I continuously post about my surgery. Why? Honestly my revision surgery was a small tool in my future weight loss. It was definitely not the magic pill and I worked my ass of to lose those 140lbs. This was the old me in 2010

284lbs , healthy but morbidly obese. Now when you have weight loss surgery it is pounded into your brain to eat protein protein protein but little to no carbs – ever!!!! I did all those things, I lost the weight and then I found exercise. I became a cardio obsessed person, because cardio is great for fat loss. Then I had my plastic surgery to remove excess belly fat and I got the girls lifted and reduced. So now I’m done right, stay skinny fat and eat my protein. 
Big old NOPE – I wanted more, I needed more. My weight stabilized around 150-159lbs. But I became an athlete, yes I call myself an athlete. Why?? Because athletes train, fuel and kill their bodies thru training and nutrition. This athlete ran a gruelling 14hr 50 mile trail race 

I felt so good and in shape when I ran this race but still I wanted more. I wanted to be strong. I did a lift program Alpha Female in the summer of 2016 but I now realize I failed that program. I didn’t listen when it came to the nutrition and when the coach said to me to eat more carbs. I had become so conditioned to not eat them that I was honestly scared. So I didn’t listen didn’t eat them and didn’t make the gains I should have. 

Well this January I entered the 250k Challenge with a mindset to do it right. 

I hired Avatar Nutrition to work my nutrition/macros. I loved this approach from Layne Norton because the dude has a PHD in nutrition. This is science based and how can you go wrong with science. When I first got my macros I was floored! I need to eat 160g of carbs ahhhhhhh!!! Wait deep breaths …. listen to the professionals. This is my before 

So I did it , followed the plan , hit my targets , lost 0.5lbs that week so guess what – my macros increased !!! This is a pic a week into the program. 

I’m actually slimming down and my body is taking shape. I’m now into week 2 and my macros are high and I love it. I eat 151g of protein ,101g of fat and 272g of CARBs!!! Yes, I hit those targets and it’s great. I have way more energy throughout the day , my lifts are getting bigger and I sleep like a baby. I even have muscles developing

Can you see my traps???? I can!!! 

Now to the weight gain,  I weighed in today at 179lbs – that’s 2lbs more than last week at 177lb. I Am Ok With That. I’m gaining muscle, leaning out and that is ok. 

I no longer fear eating carbs and I don’t fear weight gain. If you told me a few years ago that I’d weigh 180lbs again I would have died. I’d have thought I failed my surgery and I was obese. Do I look obese? Nope , healthy and strong is how I look. 

I highly recommend anyone who participates in fitness, lifting and exercise to check out Avatar Nutrition. it is life changing! 

Here’s to making gains, eating carbs and being happy! 

High Protein Egg Bowl Breakfast 

Looking for a grab and go breakfast that is high in protein , good carbs and fat? Get yourself an egg Bowl! 

I used Old El Paso stand n stuff taco bowls 

I used 5 eggs, splash of milk, 2 cheese sticks , 3 oz deli ham and 1/4 diced orange pepper. 

Just fill up the bowls , pop in the oven at 375 for about 15 minutes – until eggs have set! 

Here’s the macros stats 


Macros – Are they important?

*This post has been written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blog Ambassador program. All opinions expressed are my own. 


We all know you must move your body through exercise daily if we want to reach our goals But does it matter what we eat? Duh, of course it does! Like the old saying goes “Abs are made in the kitchen”. If you have been following this blog lately you will notice that I am tracking my macros very closely. My coach has me set up on a set of macros designed around my activity level and weight. 

Let break down what exactly “macros” means. 

First off – to macro count you need to count the number of protein (4 calories/gram), carbs(4 calories/g) and fat( 9 calories/g) grams you consume in a day. You absolutely must have a good food scale to do this correctly. Macros are important for both cutting (getting lean) and bulking (building mass). The first step in macro counting is to set up your own goals. But how????? 

Well let me show you – you can easily Google “macro calculator” plug in your numbers and it gives you are pretty accurate number of calories to consume . I chose to do it old school with math and a calculator.

Here is how I figured out mine – 

1. Figure out your BMR ( basal metabolic rate) 

370 + (9.8x lean body mass) = BMR 

You need to determine your body fat % by estimating if you don’t have calipers and a trainer to figure it out. I guessed at mine using online pics of people and their body fat % and I estimated I was at 35%. 

So my lean body mass is 175lbs X 35% = 61.25  

now 175-61.25= 113.75 is my lean body mass 

So I plug that into the BMR formula 370 + (9.8×113.75) = 1484.75

2. Now I need to figure out how “active” I am , my TDEE (total daily energy expenditure)

If you are not active then BMR X 1.2

If you are lightly active BMR X 1.375

If you are very active BMR X 1.55

I’m very active so 1484.75 X 1.55 = 2301.36

This is my “Maintenence” calories , the amount of calories I need to maintain my weight. Now I don’t want that because I am cutting/leaning out. 

3. So I Subtract 20% to lean out or add 20% to bulk 

2301.36 X 20%  = 460.2 

2301.36 – 460.2 = 1841.09 

So I need to consume 1841 calories a day to lose weight.

BUT WAIT – we haven’t even figured out “macros yet” 

4. This is actually the easy part – for protein you simply need to eat your weight in grams. 

So I’m 175 therefore I need 175g of protein. Now protein is 1g = 4 calories so 175×4= 700 calories . So 700 calories a day is coming from protein. 

Now we figure out fats – 25% of your calories come from fats so 1841 X 25% = 460 calories now divide that by 9 ( because 1g of Fat has 9 calories) so 460/9= 51g of fat per day 

Now the balance is carbs!!! Yeah!!! 

Take your protein calories + fat calories = mine are 700+460= 1160

Subtract from your daily goal 

1841-1160 = 681 calories leftover divide by 4 (because 1g of carbs = 4 calories) 

So 681/4 = 170 g of carbs 

To break it down my daily goals look like this 

P 175g

F 51g

C 170g 

Totaling 1841 calories. Simple right! 

Now you can totally do the online calculator as well and see if it gives you the same # or close to it. 

I get most of my info from as they have the biggest source of info I can find so I trust their calculator. 

Now that you have your macros figured out, you still need to workout and push yourself. My favorite place to do that is at GoodLife Fitness because all the equipment I need is there. I simply can’t get the kind of workouts I need at home. I Must have a Squat Rack !!!!! 

Next step – The absolute most important this is to TRACK YOUR MACROS!!!!

You can do this in My Fitness Pal which is the easiest way to keep track, their app is fantastic and I track everything I eat and drink!

So if you get confused figuring out “what should I be eating” just remember IIFYM ( if it fits your macros) then eat it! 

Good luck and shoot me a message if you are super confused. 

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