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A night at the Box and a Giveaway !

Today started out with a quick little run , just 1 mile for my Runners World #runstreak ! See – proof

Gotta stay accountable!
Then I took an a** whooping at Crissfut tonight, here was the WOD

We did a 400m warm up run too, guess I didn’t need that mile this morning!
The 800m was a breeze, then it was Kettlebell time 21 of them. I love these and I’ve gone up in weight to the 35lb ones, I need to get stronger! Then we moved in to the 21 thrusters!
Here’s a breakdown of the thruster
Clean the bar and get into a front rack position

Do a front squat

Then pop the bar and press it, licking the arms out

If you are like me you get covered in chalk

Nice socks eh, those are the giveaway!

The last skill was pull ups, I’m still working on those! I WILL get a Kipping pull up one day!

We did 3 rounds of this and my time was 27:19, not too shabby!

Now onto the giveaway
Starting at midnight tonight you can go to
And enter the rafflecopter giveaway!
I am giving away 1 pair of ladies size Large Zuza Compression socks


So if you want to win a cool pair of socks, set your clocks and lets GO!

My first Crossfit RIP!!!

Ok , prepare yourselves , this is huge! I RIPPED!! Yes I did, I tore the skin on my hand post WOD! I am a real live bonafide Crossfitter! Look


Ok I kinda made it sound way more exciting than it actually is! I am still stoked! Here’s why I ripped

Hero WOD “DT”


I did this at 75lbs , if I didn’t have to push jerk it I would have went higher in weight! I still struggle getting weight overhead!
My time was 12:45

Our skill tonight was split jerks and I only managed 95lbs! That’s ok , patience!

Post WOD I was feeling great UNTIL
I tried to put my shoe on – I then had the biggest calf spasm ever! It literally picked me up and threw me on the floor. I was screaming “make it stop” and my good friend Vero the nurse saved me! It hurt like HELL! I prayed the whole way home it wouldn’t cramp up while driving home. I made it , but the trip was made longer by following these idiots


As soon as I got home , this happened

Calf meet ice pack! I’m pretty sure some muscle relaxants are in order too!

I told my mom about this little spaz attack and she gave me this old wives take remedy – I am to place a bar of Ivory soap under my sheets at the foot of my bed while sleeping? Are you serious ma? She swears by it – I think she’s a nut bar! But, I’m going to give it a whirl!

I’ll keep ya all posted on her witchcraft ideas !

WOD hell!!

Today I met my match, it came in the form of a WOD! It looked a little something like this.

As you can see this is a ladder WOD, you start at 18 reps of each of the three moves- then go down by 3
18-15-12 etc!
I also did this one at the RX weight of 55lbs

So once you get through 18 thrusters you then have 18 hollowrocks – which suck! Heres a video ,looks easy but kills the lower back and abs!

Then you move onto shoot thru’s
These suck!!! You have 2 PVC contraptions that you do a push up on , shoot your legs thru and do a dip, then shoot back
Here’s how they are supposed to look

So there was a 30 minute time cap, yes I used every single one of those minutes but I did not finish! I got finished 10 rounds, which meant I made it thru to 12 on the up ladder. I did not start 15 reps.

This is how I looked afterwards


EVERYTHING hurt!! My wrists were taped but once I finished I could barely write my name on the board! I drank my aminos and protein and vibrated the whole ride home!

Good thing I had an amazing supper waiting , the ultimate comfort food – Sheperds Pie!


Now I’m slathering old girl cream (A535) everywhere and praying for a decent sleep!

Until tomorrow when I do it all over again, WHY – because it’s Crossfit and this is what WE DO!!

13.4 – How NOT to!

13.4 You have defeated me!
This was what was supposed to happen


Now lets just talk about clean and jerking 95lbs, I have never done it! Nope not once, not even in the practice run. 85lbs was even too heavy for me.
So, needless to say I did not have high hopes going into this one. Right there my mind is already negative and telling me I can’t do it, mistake #1!

So I watched 2 groups go before me, in the hopes of being inspired. I was, they rocked it but Dawn Marie’s brain was still saying “oh hell no”.
My turn, getting pumped up, my peeps are ready to cheer me on, lets do this

See I look ready!
BUT, here’s where we get to the How NOT to’s
br />



LIFT IT UP , clean that bar!!!

Dammit, why can’t I


Best pic of the day

Yup, just like that! What in the deuce is going on here??

Well I had 7 minutes to spare so I did some random dancing


Moving onto the Toe To Bar aspect of the AMRAP


What do you mean I can’t climb the racking?

Rule book please

My toes touched that bar, calling it a good REP!

So this concludes my attempt at the Reebok Crossfit Open for the 2013 year. I must say I am proud I made it this far! I have only been at this since January of this year. I can only get better and stronger! Bring it on 2014 because this Masters Division competitor will be fierce next year!

Wall Balls Suck!

Today was judging day for 13.3 of the Crossfit Open and I was less than impressed to be attempting 150 wall balls this am.

Wednesday I decided to move some furniture and I pulled my tricep. Ouch!

Thursday night we did a practice run of 13.3 and I did 124 wall balls. My arms just, my quads burned and I hated them.

Saturday , here we go


I got my rope ready to go, lol seriously , I knew I wasn’t getting to the double unders!

First step , stretch it out !


Approach the ball , tell it to be nice


Squat Deep! Below parallel


Then throw it 9 feet in the air, making sure it hits the wall ( I lost many a reps for not hitting the wall)



I finished 112 reps, I’m satisfied . I’m glad it’s over and I hope to never see a wall ball again for a few weeks!


I had to do some serious foam rolling on the quads post workout , they hurt!

Home for a nap and some fuel now, bring on 13.4!

I fought the WOD and the WOD won!

Today was the day I attempted to smash 13.2 of the Reebok Crossfit Games. Smash it I did not. I did however give it all I got.
On my practice run I managed 122 reps, not this time!


This what we were up against. I have never ever lifted 75lbs overhead so I knew this was my challenge. Yes the bar fell many a times and yes I go “no repped” quite a bit!

Here’s how it started
Chalk up



Assume the position


Now clean that bar and press it up overhead! Sounds easy right! NOPE


After managing 5 of those I deadlifted the hell outta that bar for 10 reps


Now onto 15 reps of box jumps, which I chose to step up to rather than jump!


And back down

That was 1 round , round 2 I needed Coach in there to advise

I managed 3 rounds plus 4 reps for a total rep count of 94.. Urgh ! Here I am signing my scorecard


Not great but when I think back to 2010 when I was 284lbs, the only thing I was lifting then were cheeseburgers! I’m proud of what I have accomplished in the 3 short months I have been Crossfitting! I will only get stronger,better and faster!

Now if you want to see real WOD killing check out Coac


I love this kid!


He killed it today

This was all that was left of him


Today was a great day for all us athletes at Crossfit Belleville, we are a family and we support each other! I can rest now till Wednesday , when they announce 13.3! Oh dear lord!

Latitude Gear RX – a Review

This is a product review on items I purchased myself! They were not donated to me, I paid for these. Disclaimer over

Now onto the good stuff, I LOVE these tanks and tee’s!

First off, the site was easy to access, shop and pay for said items. They shipped super fast, all the way to the great north – Canada!


The fit is bang on, I got a size large for the tanks

My fav colour – purple


They fit perfectly! For the tshirt I ordered a men’s medium!


I can’t wait to show off my new stuff at my box Crossfit Belleville tonight – I forsee many more orders shipping to Canada very soon!

As for me, I am Definately going to be ordering more swag from this great company!

You all should too, because then we all will be cool like that!

Keep WOD’ing on my friends!

Oh how I missed my Box!


This place holds a special place in my heart. I was away for 10 days and walking back in there, I knew, I was home! Coach Bowman was happy to see me and see what I brought him back!

This was our skill tonight

Cleans 4-4-4-4-4-4


My prior PR was 65lbs so getting to 80 tonight is a new PR and I will take it. My body was still pretty sore from yesterday’s 10k run but it felt good to lift things.

Then came the wod


I set up my equipment, 10 in box ( yes I still have a fear of the big girl box), 25lb kettlebell, ab mat and my jump rope. All set, bring it on!

I managed 6 rounds plus 19 reps total. I felt good. I wanted more actually.

Now we all patiently wait for


13.2 WOD to be announced Wednesday evening. I’m nervous for this next workout. This shirt sums up how I feel about 13


Tee hee…

I did a 13.1, and it wasn’t a Race??

Yup I sure did!
Today I tackled the Crossfit Open 13.1 WOD and it was challenging.

I am in Myrtle Beach on vacation with the family so I found a great Box here to do my WOD

Shout out to Crossfit Vengeance for welcoming me!

This is Bryan the coach who ran me thru the proper snatch form, even though I spent hours Youtubing Videos last night


His lovely wife Rachel judged ,scored and counted my Reps for me! Thank god because I wasn’t!

First up the WOd


Oh hey burpees, I love you

Down, up , clap the rings 40 times



Now 30 snatches at 45lbs


Finished that in 7:56
Now back to 30 burpees- DONE
This is where I just couldn’t get it, 30 snatches at 75lbs. I have never lifted a snatch at that weight. I tried and tried but I kept muscling up the bar and couldn’t wrap my head around it. I did not successfully lift 1 75lb snatch. Times up!

I finished the 17 min AMRAP with 100 reps! I’m ok with that.

Now I can’t wait to get home so I can train super hard all week in preparation for 13.2 with my family , Crossfit Belleville!

Thanks Rachel a


Oops , here I am attempting 75lbs(forg


See, wasn’t happening





I got some cool sw


A Deadlift PR kinda night!

So my son decided after last nights puke fest, he will return to Crossfit again tonight. He is glad he did! It was deadlift night. We practiced and then did 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 deadlifts increasing weight till you maxed out! Kinda like this

I started out nice and easy at 95lbs. My prior PR was 155lbs . Tonight I wanted to kill that ;br


I tried out 205lbs x 2


Get it girl!!


Yup I’m yelling in this pic!

The boy also PR’d tonight at 325lbs



There ya go


Then we had to do 6 rounds of 10 Thrusters and 10 box jumps for the WOD


Finished in 10:54 but I only lifted 55lbs for the Thrusters instead of RX 65lbs!

One day! Baby steps

A great night my friends, keep on challenging yourself!

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