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So , I pulled a plane today !

Yeah you read that right!

That guy – a Hercules aircraft!
Ok ok it wasn’t just me ,clearly !
This event was happening

Our local air base CFB Trenton was sponsoring this event and there were 20 teams registered today. My team consisted of members from my box Crossfit Belleville. There were 20 of us ready to pull this bad boy.
First we had to do a warm up and it was a joke ! The event hosted the warm up and it was definitely not a Crossfit warm up !


Next up – team photo


The Hercules measures in at 97, spans 132 feet and weighs 90,770 lbs!


Look at us go


We did not make it to the finals as our time was 23 seconds to pull it 25m ! I’m thinking we rocked!

Here is the link from the coverage today
Herc Pull

Gearing up for my first “Real” Crossfit Competition

Ok , not going to lie but I’m kinda freaking out about this!!!

Way back in March I “competed “in the Crossfit Games Open . I use the term competed loosely as I was a newbie Crossfitter and had only been at it since January!

I did ok , not awesome , but ok. I look back at what I had to do and realize I have progressed so much since then. I do feel pretty confident in my lifts and practice techniques as much as I can .

Here is our competition


We have teams of 4 – 2 guys , 2 girls
One member must be a member of the law enforcement , military or emergency services division. Cool right!
Today they posted the WOD’s


My eyes lit up when I saw Deadlifts!! You know I love to Deadlift!

Good thing we practiced them today

Prior to this WOD we maxed out our deadlifts 2x2x2x2x2x2x2
I made it to 225 before coach called it . We videotaped my lift and worked on form , I did not pr today – current 240lb deadlift stands.

After this skill we did a 7 minute EMOM of 165lb deadlifts x 2 .

Felt great !

I RX’d the WOD at 155lbs making it to 8 rounds in 6 minutes. Once finished , we had a cash out of drop sets of pull up and handstand push ups . So , I had to do 8,7,6,5, etc of each. Guess what isn’t healing after today


It was just starting to heal! CrossFit problems!

I felt pretty good after today and still managed to get my running training in


Yes I matched my new Swirl Gear shirt to my Mizunos tonight!

So stay tuned for competition updates and Friday I will be enjoying a Rest Day and carbo loading!

Stay strong friends !

CrossFit – I’m back Bitches!

That’s right – I’m back at it full time!

I have not been super dedicated to my Box in the past 2 weeks due to my horrific busy work schedule , but last Friday I made it back to the Box!
It was a rest day from running (according to my training plan) so I figured – perfect lets go lift some heavy sh*t. This is what was waiting for me


Wtf!! Seriously – 4.2 km of running! Oh man ! Change of training plans!
I felt so good I knew I was going back for Saturdays partner WOD
It was a good one too – lots of thrusters, overhead squats and snatches! We killed it !

I stuck to my running schedule pretty diligently this week and I ran my last 3 miles of week 3 on Sunday, and boy was my back sore from all those lifts on Saturday! No pain no gain right!

My plan for week 4 of training is to still cross training as many days as possible without sacrificing the runs.
Today’s plan is for stretch and strength – consider it done with this workout

Oh my ! That’s a ton of pull ups , look what I got for being so awesome on the bar


I also made sure I did RX weight for the thrusters to 75lbs! I’m trying to teach myself to push harder, you do t have to finish first – you just have to finish!
I was spent after this


First thing I do post WOD is chug down a GNC egg protein but I found this plant based powder at Costco and thought I’d give it a whirl


PUKE!!!! It was disgusting – being a veggie girl I’m going to stick with eating my plants and not trying to drink them!

I’m happy to be back at my Box and I know they all missed my shenanigans , but don’t worry I will not neglect my run training ever! Priorities !

Have a great day friends

Running in the HEAT sucks!

Omg how do we do this? Summer running/training is the most demonic torturous exercise ever!
I start my half training in 2 weeks and I am pretty sure I’m going to die, yep die! It has consistently been over 30 degrees here, closer to 40 with the humidex and I want to barf! I love running in the heat with the sun on me but when my lungs are puking at mile 2 – I am a mess!
I headed out after 6pm last night because I thought it had to be getting cooler- wrong!

Look at me

I was only at mile 2 in this pic and I was at 21 minutes of my run! I am a sweaty mess! I did have some gorgeous skies to look at

Here I am hiding out under the bridge to get the dang sun off me for a minute


I drank my hug of amino’s well before the end of mile 4 and when I got home I was super dehydrated

Look at that time – brutal

NO negative splits here

I downed a bottle of water and this awesome stuff ASAP


That helped, but so did these


I was spent! Threw on my Zensah sleeves and called it a night!

Today I felt I wasn’t quite hot enough so I went to the Box for a Major nooner sweatfest


That is a lot of reps, count em!

Prior to that WOD I did however PR my back squat


So for all you people suffering with this heatwave . I am feeling it for ya too!

Stay cool peeps

I love PR days!

Happy 4th to all my US friends, it was a great day here in Canada for this girl!

I went to my noon Crossfit class and was happy to see that our skill today was deadlifts – my most favorite lift!

The skill today was 3-3-3-3-3 working up to a heavy weight. I started my first set of 3’s at 135 and progressed to 225 for my last set.


Working my way up


225 lbs

Once I finished my skill I still had a few minutes so I figured lets smash that old PR! 230lbs was my old PR for the deadlift so I threw 15 more lbs on and


Nailed it!!! New PR set!!!

Yeah freaking ha! I was stoked.. I was also thankful that our WOD was a quick one today because I was spent

I got in trouble from coach for not lifting heavy enough on my front squats – I only did 75lbs oopsies! I was sore from all the squat cleans and wall balls so I wanted to work on form – sacrificing weight!

I worked for the rest of the day then came home and suited up in my most patriotic bathing suit to celebrate!


It was a great day , I hope you all celebrated and met your own goals today!

Attention Crossfitter’s – Reebok Nano 3’s Pre Buy



After months of anticipation from the CrossFit community, the Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0 is finally available for pre-buy, to be shipped on 7/1! Top CrossFitters from around the country have been seen testing the next generation Nano, and reviews have been positive.

Here are some of the upgrades from the Nano 2.0 that athletes can look forward to:
· A new DURACAGE upper treatment for increased stabilization and a construction meant to hold up even better over time
· ROPEPRO midsole wrap to protect against harsh movements that can tear at the shoes
· Improved stability, response and impact cushioning with Dual Density mid-sole
· Breathable air mesh and anti-friction ETC linings to reduce heat build up

On top of these great new features, the Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0 has got some great colors and styles to choose from for men and women.

Pre-Buy yours today to be one of the first with the hottest Reebok CrossFit shoe of the season.

How pretty are these ladies..



Happy shopping!

When in doubt – do it twice!


Well , seeing as I spent the weekend “resting” and I felt great , I figured today felt like a 2 a day!

I woke up refreshed and did some work then hit up my Box for a noon WOD . Well it was dang hot in there and we had big lifts today!
We warmed up by doing some inch worms, broad Jump burpees and lunges etc.
Then Straight into a barbell complex warm up with a 45lb bar

I was super soaked after this , but wait – we still had a skill


Yup , 10 minute EMOM and coach kept adding weight to my bar because he said I made it look easy and I needed to push myself. Love that guy
Then we WOD’d! And it was deadlifts – my fav!

RX’d that one at 155lbs!
Finished the WOD in 9:54 including the 100 sit up cash out
Cooked up an amazing fajita supper

So yummy


Then it was run time , I waited till 7pm when I thought it was cooler – nope . It was about 38 degrees with the humidex! Guess who didn’t pack water ? Idiot!
It was a beautiful evening though

Oh so very hot

Finished 4 miles in less than stellar time

Crappy splits

But got it done

These got me through – my Mizuno Wave Precision shoes rock!


Drank a big ole glass of Nuun and recovered ! Now I’m off to the hot tub and find more food.

Have a lovely week and get those 2 a days in .

DOMS – they hurt!

DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness , sounds pretty minor right ? WRONG!!!

These bad boy pains hurt like heck!
They are also referred to as “muscle fever” – well baby I got a high temp cuz I’m all Feverish over here.

DOMS can be felt several hours to days after strenuous activities.
They are a symptom of exercise induced muscle damage according to Wikipedia.

I woke up this morning and pretty much rolled myself outta bed because my upper body couldn’t lift me up. We have had some pretty decent lifts this week including Thruster, Power Cleans Squat Cleans etc. My arms are toast! I was tempted to drink my coffee with a straw because picking up the cup was too heavy!

So I figured if it already hurts might as well keep those muscles hot rather than rest them – already sounds like a bad idea right!

I went back for a noon WOD today thinking we will probably be doing box jumps , sit ups etc because its already been a heavy week- wrong again!
Here was warm up
Barbell Complex 45lbs
6 jerk pop
6 press
6 push press
6 front squats
6 deadlifts
5 rounds!!!!!

Help me lord Jesus! Then the skill was Push Press 2-2-2-2-2 maxing out
Well lets just say I maxed out at 85lbs pretty quick! But wait , we still had a WOD , this one

Yeah , you read that right 150 deadlifts at 95lbs and 150 push ups!
Kill me now! I banged out those deadlifts because they are my fav and that wasn’t heavy for me , but 150 push ups on burnt out arms was brutal!
I finished this one 15:16 time.
I then treated myself to a free Venti SF Mocha frappe at the Bux

Came home and parked myself on the lounge chair


Posed for a few fan shots , ok kidding , just a shameless progress pic


Then I figured I owed myself a nice cheat meal so I made up a huge tray of Nachos, made with ground turkey !


Now I’m going to wash down a few Advil and Tylenol to try and calm these DOMS down a bit . Oh and I am taking a rest day tomorrow, really I am , I promise!

Cheers friends

Rest Days, Take Them!

This is something I am working on, taking enough days for rest and recovery! I work out a lot, like really a lot. I do not take enough time to let my muscles heal,grow or rebuild themselves. I am a work in progress.

Friday I did a two a day (2 workouts 1 day)


I went to Crossfit at noon and worked on Pistols and did the benchmark Helen WOD ,worked then went for a 4.3 mile run because it was a beauty day!

I then decided that I was going to take the whole weekend off from exercise. Just sit back and relax!

I worked Saturday then came home and enjoyed some patio time with a daiquiri


Just laying in the sun watching my girls hang by the pool and had my friend over for some company! It was a great day!

I had to work again today but I was not going for a run, it was raining so that helped seal the deal ! Had a great supper with my dad and I ate the biggest piece of carrot cake ever!

Here is a great article I read about the importance of rest days

This is a great running related article on rest days for runners

Here are some ideas on what to do on the rest/recovery days

Now I’m going to get a good nights sleep and start the run process all over again tomorrow!

Sorry Crossfit, but we are on a break :(

Yes it is true.. I have to break up with you for a little while.. Not like a real break up ,but cut you down to twice a week. I am sorry Crossfit but you can’t take up all my training time.

As you all know I have 2 half marathons this fall , this one in October

I am running this one with my dear friend Michelle who ran the Goodlife Toronto half with me, well she kicked my ass but technically we went there together .

Then my favorite race of all time


Now you see , I am currently a 2:26 half marathoner and I know I have the ability to become at least a 2:10 runner. I really want this and I am going to train my butt off to achieve it! I have not been very good at training and tend to become distracted with life. I did train for the Rock n Roll Vegas half last December and I shaved off 4 minutes from my first half. For the Goodlife half I never trained at all, I followed no plan and focused on Crossfit. Yes crossfit made me stronger but that did not help me get faster at running , because we all know you have to run to get better at running! Duh!!!

So I am going back to my original half marathon training that worked for me before, the Hal Higdon Intermedite plan


This plan is easy to follow and still allows for 2 days of cross training which I will use for Crossfit. See it all works out. We have a brand new track in our town and I will utilize it for speed work . I am determined this time to achieve these goals and make myself a better runner.

You see


So now I have my goal, my plan and my new Mizuno’s to train in , I can’t and won’t fail .. Because I


Yes I have that tattooed on my arm – hence the handle Inkdgirl!

So be forewarned that there will be plenty of future posts pertaining to this training and feel free to cheer me on and motivate me on those days I try to make excuses, I need you people .. You are my cheering section and it means more than you will ever know.

As luck would have it, this was delivered to my mailbox so I plan on devouring it and learning everything I can from it!


So I am sorry Crossfit for this temporary break, but in my heart – I AM A RUNNER , first and foremost. It’s my heart

Love to you all

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