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Tank Top Arms Workout

* This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador program , however all opinions expressed are my own .

Ok ladies , summer is around the corner and we all want to be baring our arms – BUT that darn chicken skin hanging !

I have been putting a lot of work  into my upper body workouts  at  GoodLife Fitness and focusing on my biceps, triceps and shoulders .

I figured I would share with you some of these workouts so we call all bare those arms .

My favorite bicep exercises are

( all done with 10 reps x 3 sets)

Preacher curls with an EZ bar

Dumbbell concentration curls

Alternate hammer curls

Barbell bicep curls

Cable bicep curls with straight bar

Dual cable bi curls

Alternate incline dB curls

Now my favorite Tricep exercises

Standing Tricep extension

Cable Tricep pull downs


Bench Dips

Cable 1 arm Tricep extension

Now my favorite body part to work – Shoulders


DB shoulder press

Military push press

Alternating cable shoulder press

Front raise with plate

Side lateral raises

Bent over rear delt raise

Lying rear delt raise

Push ups

Reverse flyes

I find all my exercises and workouts on . They have great videos and how to’s !

Make sure you pick a weight you are comfortable with and can safely lift for 10 reps. If you can’t then lower the weight . Once you get comfortable and the weights are easy it’s time to up them!

Here’s so nicely rounded shoulders , sculpted biceps and tri’s that pop.

Run , Lift , Repeat – LiveFit Program 

* This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador program , however all opinions expressed are my own .
I am back in the gym full time doing what I love – lifting and I’m in my fav place to do it GoodLife Fitness .

After my marathon I knew I needed to get back into it , nothing burns more calories for longer than strength training . Yes I am still running but I need to make sure I am strong so I can run more efficiently .

I will not be doing ANY cardio in the gym and if you see me near a treadmill grab me and slap me! I can and will be doing all my cardio runs outside on the roads or trails .

I decided to go back to the program that worked before – Jamie Eassons LiveFit program on the Bodybuilding site.

Here were my results from the fall

So what happened ? How come I’m puffy again ?

Carbs! I use carbs as my excuse for running long distances – I need carbs for fuel . Well I am not running 20 milers on a daily basis so I need to stop this behavior ASAP. Also being vegan it’s very easy to become a carboholic !

My starting weight today was 168lbs


I will be following the program to a tee with some added lifts as well because some days it just doesn’t seem like enough , I’m not a beginner so it can feel too easy .

Today was day 1 of phase 1 and here is the workout Phase 1 Day 1 – chest and triceps .

   I added in core work ( planks and roman twists)  and some hangs cleans .

Tonight I will go for a little trail run even though phase 1 has no cardio – so I guess I’m not following it to a tee … Whoops

So if y’all wanna join me I will be posting the workouts daily and weight changes , it will be fun !

GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon Recap

What a freaking good time ! 

On Sunday May 3 I had the pleasure of running the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon and I can honestly say I had a blast! 

I arrived in  Toronto on Saturday to head to the Direct Energy Centre for packet pick up . This kid loves the city 

This was probably one of the first times I didn’t end up at the solutions table , my bib was there and waiting for me !  


The expo was pretty sad and pathetic though , I bought 3 GU’s and I am usually a big spender at the expos . There just wasn’t anything there ? So what’s a girl to do , Carb Up ! 

I have been dying to hit up The Hogtown Vegan restaurant on Bloor and let me tell you – I was not disappointed ! Unchicken and waffles – oh yeah  


We spent the rest of the day tooling about the city and enjoying the weather . 

Laid my gear out the night before and Flat Dawn was getting excited ! We were up bright and early and I snacked on my typical oatmeal , PB and banana ! Got to Mel Lastman square around 640am and hung out in City Hall until gun time at 730am. These races are so well run and everything is effortless. The elites headed out then we were off ! Temps were perfect , the sun was shining and I felt great . I hit the big hill at the 5k mark and made my way up it , slowly! The first 13 miles felt really good and I liked meeting up with the half marathoners around the 13k mark ( not really sure about the mile marker we met at) . I did look around and I was a little concerned when all I saw were half bibs and no marathon bibs – was I all alone? Was I last ? 

I kept plodding along taking it all in and was always smiling , every race photo shows me happy . 

I have come to realize that this little running journey I am on is not for the thrill of the race – it’s for euphoria it produces ! I think back a lot to my 284lb self and realize I am no longer that person . 

I do not run races to win , place or be the best . I run races to prove to myself only ,that I am better than I was before . I do this because it makes me feel good . I don’t feel like I have to prove to anyone my race times or justify these times with excuses . I’m slow , I know and guess what – I am ok with that ! 

When I hit the last 5k of this race it got real emotional for me – I was going to finish this. I was currently working at a pace 44 min faster than my last 20 miler . I was finishing strong !  


When I crossed that finish line ( 26.6 miles and 5:35 time) I was absolutely elated ! Beaming ! So god damn happy !  


Then I took my Hoka’s off !  


Oh snap ! This was my only issue , my hips did not hurt and I felt great otherwise . 

Waking up today I am still on a high , pain free and ready to rock my 50k trail run in 3 weeks ! 

Thank you for the bling  


1st and Last Long Run

* This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador program , however all opinions expressed are my own . 

I am an idiot .

I am running a marathon in 6 days , my longest training run to date has been 10 miles. I followed no plan , I ran most of my miles on the mill GoodLife Fitness and they were great . Speedy , fast lil treadmill miles , BUT I had yet to run a long run on the roads . Due to the winter being a complete pain in the butt , I simply couldn’t nor wanted to run outside . 

I had planned my final long run for last weekend but life got in the way and it never happened . 

Fast forward to this past weekend when I had to run some decent mileage. 

So I did , I set my alarm for stupid early o’clock 445am , geared up with the mindset that I was not coming home until I had 20 miles under my belt . 

Now this is not a good idea because we all know you are only supposed to increase distance by 10% per week to avoid injury ( I don’t play by the rules) . 

  It was a beauty morning to be out , temps were perfect . My splits for the first 5 miles were ok , all 11 min/miles – good for a long slow run . 
  After about 13 miles I needed to get off the roads for a bit , so I hit up my favorite trail 
 I left the trails at 16 miles and was so close to home that I wanted to quit , my hips and feet were killing me – but I didn’t let that voice in my head win . I knew I could finish those miles off on the track by my house  


I finished it ! I did it !  


So am I prepared to run 6.2 more miles on Sunday at the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon,  Not sure but I do know – I won’t quit ! 

Time to get Serious!

*This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program , however all opinions expressed are my own . 

Oh boy , it is time to take this marathon training up a notch! 

I have successfully run yet another 100+ mile month 

  106 miles so far and the month is not over yet . Most of these miles have been run in the warm environment at GoodLife Fitness but it is time I get back to some Early Sunday morning runs . This means 5am wake ups and headlamps but it has to be done as treadmill miles are great but nothing beats those quiet runs on asphalt. 

I will still incorporate hill training and trails into these runs but if this is how my trails are going to look – I better wait 

  This is pure ICE and yes I fell multiple times! Spring weather has got to be coming soon , right???? 

The GoodLife Fitness Marathon is fast approaching ( 39 days) eeeekkkkk and this girl needs to up her game ! 

My plans , seeing as I never really had any , are to now go to GoodLife Fitness in the am for some “speed work” on the mill and then run in the evenings – short distances but with hills and bridges . 

Sounds like a decent plan ! 

So here is to Happy Training for all of us who are crazy enough to run 26.2 miles just for fun . 

What’s in your gym bag ?

* This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program , however all opinions expressed are my own . 

What’s in your gym bag ? Does it weigh a ton like mine? Do you carry your life in it , just in case ? Let’s take a peak in my bag 

Of course I use my handy dandy GoodLife Fitness bag , so what’s in there?

Well for starters , my hydration kit! I always use the Orangemud bottle while on the treadmill because it’s easy to grab and drink from while running. Then I have my Vega shaker for my post workout shake. I bring a big towel as well because they don’t supply them at the gym . 

I usually eat a Vega protein bar before my workout , drink the Sugar Free Pre Workout during and top it off with a shake! 

Underneath the towel , which was neatly folded lies this mess . My favorite Mizuno shoes for the treadmill , assorted headbands, shampoo, makeup bag , headphones , Spibelt and a resistance band for assisted pull ups. 

I keep my change of clothes in their as well because I wear my gym clothes to the gym , I lay them out the night before so I am ready to go ! 

So tell me , what’s in your bag ? 

I have a marathon to train for !

*This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program , however all opinions expressed are my own .

Heck yeah I do !

This girl right here will be running the 2015 GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon


After my miserable , horrible despicable Las Vegas marathon I swore off doing anymore road marathons and I was only running trails from now on ! Period !

So what changed my mind ?
I love this race and I love Toronto and there is absolutely no better way to experience the city than by running all over it !
I ran the half marathon in 2013 and I loved the course . You can check out my recap here
Race Recap

I have decided that this fast , downhill course is perfect for my big comeback !
This ginormous dinner plate medal kinda gets me excited too – this is the biggest most badass medal I’ve ever seen and it will be mine .

So now I have a solid 12 weeks to train for this event and sadly most of it will be on the treadmill due to horrendous winter conditions out there .
I do however enjoy fully the atmosphere at my GoodLife Fitness facility in Belleville which will make the training go much better .

Now to buckle down and write a training plan – Lets Do This !

GoodLife : I Heart Exercise Challenge

*This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program , however all opinions expressed are my own.


February is Heart Month and the folks at GoodLife Fitness have teamed up with the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre to host a Healthy Heart Challenge – a 28 day opportunity to increase your heart health.

You can join this challenge over on Facebook by clicking this link

GoodLife Heart Challenge

I may have a giveaway going on this month too so stay tuned .

Here’s to a Happy Heart !

Not Lifting Enough?

* This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own .

My whole theory on lifting is that if you can easily breeze through a workout – you are not challenging yourself enough.
When I was doing Crossfit 6x a week that motivation was always there as you had a group of people pushing you.
I am doing my Simply Shredded program at GoodLife Fitness and I am motivated enough , but not “challenged” enough.
So it’s time to up my game .

The program I was on had me doing 2 upper body , 2 lower body and 2 cardio sessions- BUT there were only 5 lifts in each routine. I was banging these out in 20 minutes with no issues. I thought about increasing the weight but the program doesn’t want you to increase until week 5 – when reps get decreased.
So I went on the hunt to add more to this lift schedule with a decrease in leg workouts and I am going to be playing around with it over the next few weeks until I feel like I have a solid structured program .

My cardio is still on point as this is never an issue.

I have yet to attend the RPM ( spin class ) at GoodLife Fitness but it is on my list of “must try” things !

I am going to still keep challenging myself , lifting heavier and trying group activities this year .

2015 is the year of new beginnings !

Biggest Loser FAIL !

Ok , I really needed to get this off my chest !

I will Never watch this show again!
In the beginning it started out like a really good program but it has turned into a huge mess!

I can 100% comment on this because I know what it is like to be 284lbs !

There is no way in HELL that Rachel did not “starve ” herself to win $$$$$


It is simple math – she would of had to significantly reduce her calorie intake to go from 260 lbs to 105??? Seriously , this is what you want to promote to your already self conscious viewers ? Yeah you can do it to folks – all you have to do is eat 1000 calories a day and workout for 6 hrs ! Easy peasy right !
I am so flabbergasted over her transformation , she looked emaciated!
Have a look at this pic


That is what 144lbs gone looks like – no hanging facial skin and sunken eyes and cheek bones !
Healthy and happy ! No I did not win a shit ton of money , what I did win was LIFE!

NBC needs to rethink their promotion of healthy living in my humble opinion. My children will never watch it as I’d rather instill proper nutritional guidelines and workout regimes.

This post is purely my own opinion and I gather I will receive both positive and negative feedback, and that’s ok.

So now that I’ve just finished my 5 mile run , drank my protein recovery drink and fuel up with a post run salad with protein I’m going to reflect on my own journey and be thankful that I have Won the Biggest Loser – Inkdgirl Style !

****post edited ***

There has been a lot of talk about body shaming since the finale and here is my thoughts.

Yes people will body shame the “fat” and the “skinny ” however, when you purposely lose weight and become ultra skinny you set yourself up for such comments. Naturally thin women take heat for having a metabolism we could only hope for , but people who willingly and knowingly force themselves into such thinness can be judged. Did I body shame Rachel , yup sure did. Criticize her results , yup sure did. Why ? Because the whole purpose of losing weight and getting fit is for your health and she exemplifies all things gone wrong !
My own opinion is that the number on the scale is a liar and I do not ever go by what I should weigh based on BMI charts , if I feel strong and healthy then I am winning.

Please take everything with a grain of salt, everyone’s journey is different and to each his own .

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