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Because I Don’t Play Well With Others- Virtual Classes

*This post has been written as part of the GoodLife Fitness blogger ambassador program. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

I am the first to admit that I am not one to partake in group fitness classes. I don’t know why but to me I just like to do my own thing. Yes I did Crossfit which is totally involved with others but even then I was simply competing with myself. I have always wanted to do a spin class but its far too full of people and I just never did it. Well GoodLife Fitness has added Virtual Classes to their programs  and I am stoked! I love this idea as you get to simply go up to a machine a pick a program you want to do. I chose to do a spin class and the beauty of this is you can do an RPM ride or you can ride through some amazing courses in the coolest cities!



I chose to do a super tough 30 min RPM class and my “class” looked like this. IMG_8094

I am not going to lie, it was hard but I pushed myself and I loved it. I was one sweaty mess by then end of it and my legs were jello!

IMG_8095 If you want to check out all the different classes that are offered have a look HERE .

I will definitely look into more of these classes because I love that I can go pretty much anytime and do whatever workout I want, so long asschedule group class is not going on.

Go check it out if you are like me and don’t play well with others or simply because choosing to do what you want when you want works too!


Remember, have fun because if you aren’t then why do it!
PS – yes I realize my pics are side ways ūüėā I’ll fix that eventually ūüôÉ









New Year, Same Me

*This post has been written as part of the GoodLife Fitness blog ambassador program. All opinions expressed are my own.


So, it is a new year and lots of people like to use this time as an opportunity for change, resolutions. I however do not make resolutions I simply make commitments to myself. This way I feel like I haven’t set myself up for failure.

GoodLife Fitness recently did a survey asking people what they want from 2016.  Here is an infographic on how it looked!

Survey infographic.jpg

you can read the full media release Here .

So what have I set out to do in 2016? Well I do have some lofty goals this year. #1 being I stay injury free. 2015 was not kind to me and it was my own dang fault for trying to do too much too soon and overtraining. This year I will run my first 50 miler and I promised myself I will not do any races prior to this one in May, but I do have another ultra scheduled for the following weekend of the 50 , OOPS!

As far as my lifestyle changes go , they are simply me getting back to the basics. Last year I got fat! Yes FAT! I became far too fluffy for my liking and I attribute that to allowing beer and animal products into my life. NOT ANYMORE! I have kicked the booze to the curb and gone back to my vegan plantbased diet. I seriously just feel better living my life this way, I am leaner and stronger and I feel all over ” cleaner”.

I also am going to take my training more seriously and back off strength training so much. Yes I know the importance of lifting and I will still do it just not as rigorously as before. My focus needs to be on running hills and getting those trail miles in.


So let’s just remember that this is the season of “gym newbies” and let’s not discourage them but accept them and motivate them. It takes an awful lot to just step foot inside a gym when you are overweight ( I KNOW THIS) and there isn’t any reason why we can’t help them and encourage them.


Here’s to an amazing 2016 and let’s make this our year to be unstoppable.

Staying Fit Over The Holidays

*This post has been written as part of the GoodLife Blog Ambassador program, however all opinions expressed are my own.

Let’s be honest here , we all love to indulge over the holidays because it is so easy to do. Everywhere you look there are delicious high calorie lattes, baked goods and big giant meals to consume. So how does one not give into temptation and stay on track to fit?

Here is how I plan on doing it and it may not be the same as you but I like to keep things simple and not put too much stress on myself.

1. Do not stop going to the gym! Most gyms are open right up to Christmas Eve and open again Boxing Day Рso really use Christmas Day as your rest day. You can guarantee I will be at GoodLife Fitness during the holidays.

2. Do not forget to calculate those liquid calories which are so easily consumed. Everything from flavored coffees to fancy schmancy cocktails add up. Stick to coffee with a sugar free shot and liquors that a low cal. Alternate with water between those cocktails to ward off dehydration.

3. Track your food intake. I log all my meals into MyFitnessPal and it keeps me accountable for what I put in my yap! Nibbles here and there add up folks- track those calories!

4. Get outside! Going to a gym may not be your thing so get the family together and go for a walk, trail hike or throw snowballs at each other. Any physical activity you do is worth it. Sitting on the couch watching Xmas movies is fun but let’s be real, we’ve seen them all a hundred times.

5. When at a holiday party Рskip the high calories snacks and head over to the crudités! Eat those raw veggies first, fill up on them. Feel free to dip into some hummus but stay away from the fried spring rolls !

6. When shopping at the mall, park from the the entrance and walk. Don’t take the escalator – use the stairs. Walk walk walk!

Lastly, enjoy yourself. It has been a long 12 months and you earned the right to a few cocktails and some fun. Just do not overdue it and know that a brand new year is right around the corner.

Have a little fun!

Cardio , I’m Back!¬†

I had my ortho visit on Monday and he confirmed that I have posterior tibial tendinopathy and need to still be in the boot. I start physiotherapy this coming Monday and the only thing the surgeon said was “wear the boot for comfort”. Um , ok?
Yes it feels so much better in the boot but I haven’t been told what I can and cannot do at the gym so I decided I am going to try some cardio, because it has been a long 5 weeks without it.
My home gym GoodLife Fitness has all the training tools I need to recover from this injury. Guess what ? Today I used the treadmill! Omg it was so liberating to be able to move and sweat again!

It took 33 minutes to “power walk” that 2 miles but I didn’t care, I was smiling from ear to ear!

I decided I needed to do more so I hopped on my favorite cardio machine – the Octane Fitness lateral elliptical

 Another 2 miles done! I felt great and had endorphins flowing after that. It just made my back workout eve better.
Now I know I need to pace myself and not go out guns blazing but this is huge!
I am ready to sign up for the Sulpher Springs 50 miler in May and this is my 2016 goal race. I need to be ready for this race.
I will not become a couch potato, I will get to that race! Come hell or high water!

Reebok Z pump shoes and Fall Running 

*This post has been written as part of the GoodLife Fitness blog ambassador program however all opinions expressed are my own.

The very generous folks at Reebok  Canada have given me a pair of Reebok Z pump shoes to try out for my Autumn training. I have taken these shoes on all types of terrain and the treadmills at GoodLife Fitness

These shoes have amazing stability and I know what that feels like, I’m an overpronator and these kept my feet nice and tight. The fact that you can pump the shoe to cushion your own foot is pretty awesome! I liked how my foot felt safe in this shoe. My ankles did not roll and I felt super snug in them. The trails were no match for these, we glided over tree roots and rocks!

 The shoe is lightweight , has no tongue and speed laces. You simply slide your foot in , pump it up and Go!  Only change I would make is a wider toe box . This is a shoe I believe in and I will continue training in them until the mileage adds up !

Happy Fall Running my friends!

Here’s to marathon training.

Back To Routines

*This post has been written a part of the GoodLife fitness blog ambassador program.

I need routine in my life and this summer has been rough. It is virtually impossible to stay on track when you have a kid in summer camp, moving a kid to college and vacation.

Well thank god for back to school because I am back to my regular programming!

The minute my little leaves for school I hit up  GoodLife Fitness for my workout.

Today’s WOD included

4 mill miles followed by a Back & Bi workout.

I had to hit the mat today and roll out from Sunday’s 17 miler.

Getting my workout done in the am works perfectly for me. I schedule all my work appointments for after gym time so I ensure I get it done. This leaves me with the whole day to be busy and I feel amazing too.

Do you need routine and order in your life?

Regaining Focus and Lifting again!

Last week was an amazing week for me , I found focus and clarity again. 

I realized that I am a Runner and a Lifter – I am not a fitness coach. How can one claim to be such without any certifications behind them? By paying a $50 fee I became one? I don’t think so. 

Any who, I ran my heart out last week and had a successful 35 mile training week 

Half marathon distance on Sunday was awesome! I’m highly enjoying my Altra shoes and I am having Zero hip pain when running in them ! 

I feel like a runner again , I’m working on speed at the gym doing intervals but most importantly 


I love lifting and all aspects of strength training so incorporating them into my run program is huge. Leg days are back on the menu – just not too heavy ( I need to be able to walk) and I am back following Jamie Easson’s LiveFit program  

This program works , I’ve used it twice now and I do love it. I have added in some lifts because the phase 1 seems too “beginner” for me. The IPhone body space app is awesome for this program and I don’t have to carry around a notebook. 

So all is good in Dawn’s world again and the only thing I will be spamming you with are running and lifting posts. 

I hope I can still motivate and inspire people because thats what this is all about. Showing people it can be done and you don’t have to commit to anything, just try! 

You got this! 

GoodLife Fitness City Chase Run

* This post has been written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blog Ambassador program , all opinions expressed are my own .

Save the Date – August 22, 2015

This is the coolest race ever! What is it you ask?

Well the¬†GoodLife Fitness City Chase¬†is Canada’s largest urban adventure where teams of 2 navigate through the streets of Toronto testing both your fitness and your mind!

Here’s how it works. When The GoodLife Fitness City Chase starts your team of two will get a clue sheet. Decipher it to find the locations of hidden ChasePoints located throughout your city. Next, navigate your way through ten of those ChasePoints and get back to the Start/Finish line to claim victory and find your way to the after party!

Have a look at this YouTube video of the  City Chase .

You better head on into your local¬†GoodLife Fitness¬†and get training for this event because I’m going to offer a 20% off promo code to the first ¬†person who leaves a blog comment below!

Good Luck

Losing Focus РBe You 

I lost focus these past few weeks, I became someone I never wanted to be – An Annoying Product Pusher!

This is so NOT me. My day job is in sales – I’m actually a Realtor but even in that job I am not pushy. I let my clients make their own decisions. I do not push or force anything on anyone.  

So what happened? 

Well, I joined a company – got pumped up about it , thought I was finally going to inspire others and motivate them – BUT then I realized I had to sell stuff to people. 

This is not my jam! 

If you want to get fit and healthy you need to eat and move – there is no product on the planet that will do that for you. Yes I will help you but No I will not bombard you with social media posts about Buy Me – No Buy Mesales tactics. 

Watch this video 

Not A Product Pusher
So what does this even mean? 

Well for one – I’m refocusing the blog , Twitter and Facebook accounts to show who I am – not any products I may be able to “sell” you . 

I am also going to solely focus on what makes me happy – Running and Lifting! 

This is what I do , this is what helped me lose 144lbs. It was not any fancy products or gimmicks – it was hrs work and determination. 

My posts will be about my marathon training and how I getting strong in the gym. 

My apologies for spamming you , it won’t happen again . 

I am Dawn , the runner .

I am Not Dawn , the Product Pusher. 

21 Day Fix Round 1 Results

Note – I had surgery during this initial round and had stitches in so I only did this at about 75%. I missed a few workouts and had some cheat meals 

BUT – it still worked 

I am down 8lbs and 12 inches 

Proof is in the pics! Unedited and NO filters! 

These workouts are NO joke . 

I am doing another Challenge Group and I will be participating at 100%. 

Here are my measurements

If you are ready to commit to just 21 days let me help you! 

Email me 

Let’s get you on the path to health and wellness! 

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