Week 5 is done and I’m actually thinking I see changes happening in my body. 

I’ve been hitting up GoodLife Fitness 6x a week and progressively increasing my lifts. I’m feeling so good about it and this was the push I needed to focus on these goals. 

For the Bodybuilding 250k challenge I’ve been using Layne Nortons PH3 lift program and it is not easy! The days I have 30×8 rep sets is brutal and man what a burn! 

Everyone at my GoodLife Fitness is so supportive and I’ve had some compliments and tips from my fellow members. 

My biggest focus though has been on my nutrition and being coached by Avatar Nutrition has been key! I’m still eating around 2100 calories a day and getting lots of carbs! Yeah! 

So here’s my progress pics so far 

Week 1 to Week 5 
 Week 1 weight 177lbs 

Week 5 weight 181.6lbs 

Funny right cuz I definitely look “smaller” with more weight…. gee I guess muscle really does weigh more than fat! 

So to all of you out there hitting that halfway mark of your program, don’t quit – you are almost there! You got this! Stick with me friends, we will do this!