Back, Butt and Abs!!! 

Oh man it has seemed like forever since I’ve deadlifted anything so today was fantastic! My workout was 

BB deadlift 115×8 3 sets

BB back squat 95×8 3 sets

BB row 50×10 3 sets

1 arm DB row 25×10 3 sets

Roman chair leg lifts 18 reps

Cable crunch 40×15 3 sets

Ab roller wheel 12 reps 

Nutrition for today was 

Pre workout

1 protein shake

2 slices weight watches bread

1 egg


Post Workout

2 hard boiled eggs 

1 protein shake 


Weight Watchers bagel with tuna and lettuce 

I 100% saved my macros for tonight’s supper! I love that this lifestyle allows you to do flexible dieting so long as it fits into your macros. Tonight I had this amazing Doritos Taco bowl

I still have 200 calories left for bedtime snack! Oh yeah! 

Lift Eat Rest 




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