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This post scares me. 

I just don’t feel like running. What is wrong with me? I’m an Ultra runner? I should be out there everyday killing miles but I just don’t want too. Am I burned out? The worst part is I really just don’t care right now.

Back up a bit here though – I had a goal, a dream a huge desire to run and complete a 50 miler this year. 

And I did it! 

2 weeks later I ran a marathon. 

3 weeks from now I have a 50k. 

Honestly, I can’t wait for this summer to be over. I’m kinda done. 

So what ha been occupying my mind ? Lifting! 

Even when I was training for races I still lifted, I will never look like an ultra runner with their sleek slim physiques. I’m too big for that! 

My brain has been overloaded with info from Muscle For Life blog and I love the info he provides. 

So I have been hitting GoodLife Fitness hard doing as much as I can. Today was leg day , something I avoided when running because I always thought I was doing enough.

I am noticing changes already even though I’m not doing a real program yet- more to come on that! ( stay tuned ) 

Nutritionally speaking I will be making changes too. I still need to reduce carbs but I know my protein intake isn’t high enough yet – more to come on that too! 

So for now I’m sticking my life motto of ” Do You” and I’m doing whatever feels right to me. I don’t need to be anything other than that. 

Keep moving, Eat right and Have FUN! 

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