My third time running Tun Under the Stars in Kentucky and it was my poorest effort! First year I ran 35 miles, then 31.5 then this year a solid 26.5 miles! 

It was all I had in my tank this year. To give me some credit it was 2 weeks post 50 mile trail race so there’s that! I did get to hang out with some pretty awesome people including Dallas Smith and the best RD ever Steve Durbin.

If you have to have any idea what the Barkley Marathon is you will know this guy, Laz ! Yes he wears a white button down dress shirt everywhere! 

This race for me is a reunion of all my Run It Fast friends that I see once a year. We had RIF #1 on a stick thinking he wasn’t going to be there but he surprised us all! 

Well, I plodded through race walking this event and finished with 27.13 miles and I had the best time ever.

I’m not there to win, I’m there for the party! 

BUT if you ever hear me say I’m driving to Kentucky again slap me!