This is a story about a girl, a girl who decided while on a 14hr running journey, that life needs to be lived and loved. She decided that she no longer needs to fit any molds, categories or labels. 

I have made the very conscious desicion to just Do Me! Whatever the heck that means. I’ve realized that I allowed myself to be categorized into a “said group” . A food group, yes I loved being a vegan but during my Ultramarathon I started thinking about chicken and tuna. Like right outta nowhere I wanted a god damn piece of chicken. I may or may not have been hallucinating a little because of the heat lol. 

I started thinking about why I was a vegan and why did I eliminate food groups from my life. I was never one who fought the animal rights causes because I grew up with a ” hunter gatherer” father who every year provided us with deer and moose. 

I didn’t like the addition of chemicals to my foodsand genetically modified foods where a no no. But every time I got a coffee and tim’s and they didn’t have soy and I opted to add cream I was a “cheating” vegan! Oh my! 

I started to think I Do Not have to explain myself anymore. I just fucking ran 50 god damn miles in treacherous conditions so if I want a tuna sandwich or a piece of chicken I’m eating it dammit! 

Tonight I totally indulged in this Greek and Feta salad with chicken and the world didn’t fall apart. 

Today I started googling Low Carb High Fat lifestyles because I have a Type 1 Diabetic child who needs to live low carb. First thing I thought- oh god I’m attaching a label to her? No , from now on we eat to fuel , eat to live and eat to be merry because you only live once so might as well enjoy it. 

So basically this post is about Doing You and what is right for You, no one else. Indeed to get better about not labeling myself because the guilt of failing these labels is too much. 

The one label I’m still attaching to myself is SOBER! I’m 68 days booze free and I feel amazing! 

Do You