Holy Crap!!!! 
I ran a 50 MILER! 

Since being injured in the fall I really wondered if this would come to fruition and it did, how? Sheer determination and never once letting my head tell me to quit. Which it tried, countless times while out there battling the heat and sun. 

So here is how it all went down 

415 am wake up, ate my typical pre race breakfast of oatmeal with PB and a large coffee. FYI. I always take Immodium the night before and morning of a race for you know which reasons why! 

Got to the site at Dundas Conservation Park by 530 and downed my banana. Nerves weren’t too bad and I had a great time talking to people. 

Gun time 6am… Here we go ! Loop 1 (20km) was awesome and I was pacing so well. Met up with local running legend Joe Cleary and finished that loop with him in 2:54

Stopped at camp to change out buffs and grab more Gu and Nuun … Hands started to swell a bit but overall I felt great. 

Loop 2 finished in 6:29 and went pretty well but the heat really picked up and I was hot! I knew I’d start losing time but I wasn’t concerned yet. I spent a lot of time alone on the trails but once the 50k runners were out there I saw more people. 

Loop 3 done 10:29.. Added on more time but the conditions were pretty rough. 30+ degree heat and the humidity was brutal. I heard at this point there were many DNF’s happening but there was no way in hell I wasn’t finishing this lap. I met a lot people who were congratulating me and I informed them with ” I still have one more lap” and they said “sorry for your luck” !!! Thanks guys! This loop I did a whole lot of praying, thanking those who from day 1 who believed in me and a shit load of singing . I sang all kinds of songs and I think I was a bit crazy. 

Then I climbed those damn 3 Sisters kill and gave them a big ole F U see ya next year bitches cuz I’m outta here wave! I had timed the distance to the last aid station at 16 minutes from the switch so as soon as I got there I knew I was in the home stretch! Then I knew the worst was yet to come – climbing that final hill for the 4th and last time . I knew I had less than 10 minutes and I was going to finish this! I had no time goals and the only thing I wanted was to finish but inside I knew I wanted 14 something hours. 

14:18 done!!! Officially !!