I have decided today that I will run till I can no longer run, kinda Forest Gump like. I am not planning on running for 3 years straight or anything crazy like that, but I will run until I can simply no longer do it.
I will not force myself to run, I will not set specific targets or goals, I just want to run. I had my ortho visit yesterday and my posterior tibial tendon is pretty messed up but doesn’t require surgery or anything like that. I then saw the foot guy today to discuss orthotics, I simply can’t justify $495 for a product that won’t last me a lifetime. YES I know there is a reason for these and he wouldn’t of recommended it if he didn’t think I needed them….. but…… I will just slow down. I will run all the miles still but I will not break myself. I have come to realize what pain feels like and I know now that this is my signal to take it easy. So I will.
I have some pretty awesome races lined up for this year and my ultimate goal is to just finish them. I want to say I did it. It will hurt and it will probably kill me but once I have accomplished these races I will take the rest of the year off. I haven’t run a race since June of 2015 and I had to bail on my fall marathon because I was hurt. I have taken loads of time off, decreased my miles significantly and I am strength training my ass off(literally) to help improve my form. I am actually listening to people this time as I have come to realize that people won’t judge you by the number of races you run in a year if they are your friends. They just want to embrace you accomplishing your own goals and motivating you to succeed. So here’s to getting it done, stopping when it hurts and learning to just run for the pure pleasure of running

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