Who needs meat sauce, right?

I made this delicious dish tonight with my favorite meat substitute – Lentils!

Super easy, quick and yummy! 

You will need 

1 cup dry lentils

Diced onions, garlic and mushrooms

Canned diced tomatoes

Marinara sauce – jarred 

Step 1 – bring lentils to a boil in 3 cups water , cover and simmer on low until cooked. Rinse and drain 

Step 2 – sauté veggies in oil. Add in lentils, canned tomatoes and marinara. Season with Italian spices ( I also add a little cinnamon, trust me!) 

Step 3- boil spaghetti noodles to al dente then add to pan of lentil sauce  

Top with Vegan Parmesan and serve with fresh crusty bread and you have one heck of an Italian feast! 


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