This is not a sponsored post and yes I paid a lot of money to finally get my hands on this product! 

I knew this product came as a powder but I love the packaging and it is all recycled! Win

Here is the video on my first ever egg prep

Vegan Egg Video
I used 4 tbsp of powder to 1 cup cold water, whisked and added to an oiled pan. Added in some Daiya and cheesy eggs for supper it was. 

Now I will definitely get creative now, adding in veggies , using it as an egg replacer – whatever! I forsee quiches to be made! 
Vegan Win! 

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  1. One complaint: it doesn’t have a lot of protein. The texture is good – I like it with some Old Bay Seasoning sprinkled on top.
    It’s great as a breakfast scramble side with some roasted veg!

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