Cold days = Warm soups! 

Busy day at my house as I’m working all day and I want to come home to supper already made, so out comes my crockpot- my savior! 

This is such an easy soup to make and takes literally minutes to prep! 

Veggie Lentil Soup 

1.5 cups of dry lentils 

1/2 bag of little gems potatoes

2 stalks celery

2 large carrots 

1/2 onion 

1 can six bean medley mix (rinsed/drained)

1 28oz can diced tomatoes 

1 carton vegetable broth  

2tbsp each of garlic powder, cumin,chili powder 


Put lentils in bottom of crock, then add veggies except spinach!  

Cover with beans, tomatoes , spices and broth 

Cover and let cook on low for 6-7 hrs. 

Serve with a big hunk of bread and you got a meal! 


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