So I am looking for some honest feedback  about your thoughts on physio. 

Today was my first day and basically just a consult and determine my abilities and strength. It was about 50 min and here is what I learned 

Not Much! 

I did the whole patient history thing, told him all about my issue, gave my bone scan results and then this 

I had the ultrasound and this little shockwave thingy. Then he asked me if I know how to stretch my calves. Yes sir, I do. I stretch everyday post workout. All this to the tune of $80. He wants me 2x a week at $60 so he can teach me stretching exercises. 

How about no. Here’s the thing, I can and have “you tubed “many stretching videos for this and have been doing them for a few weeks now. Seeing as it is the Xmas season $120 / week can be used for a much better use. 

Here is my thoughts – I will continue to stretch on my own daily at the gym. I will return to training very easily and gently and do physio maybe 1x every 2 weeks, seems fair to me. 

This isn’t a surgical issue but simply tendinopathy issue so what do you think? Can I rehab myself? Can I don’t deplete my bank account and strengthen this on my own? 

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