Ok , so let’s wrap up this week of Ketogenic eating. I lost 0lbs. I do not feel any different and I’m so sick of sausages and bacon. 

Here is what I learned from this experience. 

When you tell yourself ” you can’t have that” – guess what?  You want it even more! Yes I really really want a cracker because I love crackers! No I don’t want to eat just meat and eggs. 

I need fruit in my life. I love a banana and PB for a quick snack, a cucumber Sammie or just some crackers and cheese. Is this really so wrong? 

I have decided yet again that I will not label myself, restrict myself or tell myself NO. I will eat to fuel my body, I will consume protein and dammit I will eat a sub when I want it. 

I have successfully lost a lot of weight in the past 5 years so I need to just get back to the basics and eat to fuel. 

Everybody is different and just Do What Works For You. I am tired of trying to label myself as something and I need to learn to be better at just being me. So as of today I am just Dawn , broken runner on a path to health and happiness. I don’t need to be anymore than that. 

Happy Weekend, Be Active and Be Heathly my friends  


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