After researching my little brain out I finally concocted a recipe that I love! 

This is a purely decadent little fat square that I will be noshing on. It is not my recipe and the original can be found here Diet Keto 

All you need is 

3/4 cup coconut oil 

150g of almond butter 

30 squirts of Liquid Stevia

50g unsweetened cocoa 

150g salted butter 

Get yourself a food scale people because I have no idea what grams look like. 

Melt the oil, almond butter and butter in a glass measuring dish then add cocoa and stevia. Mix well 

Pour into silicone ice molds and freeze for 30 minutes 

Next time I will add in unsweetened coconut flakes. 

Here’s the stats but basically just pure fat! 


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