Surgeon visit today! Results – IMMOBILE 


I have to be in a non weight bearing cast and on crutches until I get an MRI done. The navicular area shows both stress changes and tendinopothy from the bone scan. I need to stay off it until we know exactly what the plan is. On my way to the appt I did managed to snap a hospital selfie  

Go Jays Go lol. Any ways this cast will keep me down but not mentally. This is my bodies time to heal from a pretty hard summer. Running the GoodLife full marathon in May then 3 weeks later the Sulpher Springs 50k trail and then a week later the RUTs 50k kinda did me in! I continued to train hard all summer on my bum foot leading up to yesterday’s Scotiabank full ( which I did not run) . 

So now I will sit on my couch and crochet blankets, do upper body weights and plan out next summers races. I know I will be back, this is just a minor set back and my heart and my head still work . I am grateful! 

So here’s to not getting fat on the couch and just taking the time to heal my body. 

Happy running to my peeps! Keep at it! 

Head up wings out #Oiselle 

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