No not that kind of purging! 

This is a new month and I am ready to set some new goals.

I am purging my life of all negativity, excess stuff and just general bad feelings.

The simple task of just cleaning out your own bedroom is healing. Since my middle child left for college I’ve started purging all things unnecessary, donating lots and trashing even more. This is such a cleansing process that I decided to mentally purge my own mind too.

I’ve become rather negative when it comes to my training. I’m slower than ever, my legs and feet hurt and I am constantly telling myself I am not as good as “that” person. 

I need to change/purge my thinking or I will never succeed. 

I made the conscious decision today to just focus on the positive – I am still able to run , I am still active and I am not a quitter. 

Focus and determination will get me there  


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