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Save the Date – August 22, 2015

This is the coolest race ever! What is it you ask?

Well the GoodLife Fitness City Chase is Canada’s largest urban adventure where teams of 2 navigate through the streets of Toronto testing both your fitness and your mind!

Here’s how it works. When The GoodLife Fitness City Chase starts your team of two will get a clue sheet. Decipher it to find the locations of hidden ChasePoints located throughout your city. Next, navigate your way through ten of those ChasePoints and get back to the Start/Finish line to claim victory and find your way to the after party!

Have a look at this YouTube video of the  City Chase .

You better head on into your local GoodLife Fitness and get training for this event because I’m going to offer a 20% off promo code to the first  person who leaves a blog comment below!

Good Luck

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