I lost focus these past few weeks, I became someone I never wanted to be – An Annoying Product Pusher!

This is so NOT me. My day job is in sales – I’m actually a Realtor but even in that job I am not pushy. I let my clients make their own decisions. I do not push or force anything on anyone.  

So what happened? 

Well, I joined a company – got pumped up about it , thought I was finally going to inspire others and motivate them – BUT then I realized I had to sell stuff to people. 

This is not my jam! 

If you want to get fit and healthy you need to eat and move – there is no product on the planet that will do that for you. Yes I will help you but No I will not bombard you with social media posts about Buy Me – No Buy Mesales tactics. 

Watch this video 

Not A Product Pusher
So what does this even mean? 

Well for one – I’m refocusing the blog , Twitter and Facebook accounts to show who I am – not any products I may be able to “sell” you . 

I am also going to solely focus on what makes me happy – Running and Lifting! 

This is what I do , this is what helped me lose 144lbs. It was not any fancy products or gimmicks – it was hrs work and determination. 

My posts will be about my marathon training and how I getting strong in the gym. 

My apologies for spamming you , it won’t happen again . 

I am Dawn , the runner .

I am Not Dawn , the Product Pusher. 

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