Las Vegas’ visitors are often clad in suits and gowns, ready to play in one of the most luxurious establishments in the city. However, on May 23rd, the city was instead filled with thousands of people in running outfits who participated in the BADASS Dash Obstacle Course Challenge. The purpose of the challenge was to raise awareness for autism and support the nonprofit organization Autism Speaks.

The BADASS Dash Obstacle Course Challenge featured 45 obstacles that were designed to give participants a sense of what autistic people experience on a daily basis. Some of the race’s challenges included balancing on beams and crawling through a number of tubes.

“Somebody with autism feels these obstacles, or various forms of these obstacles, every day,” said Grant Reeves, CEO for the BADASS Dash series states.

Autism is a complicated developmental disorder that is often associated with people who have difficulties in communicating what they want. Symptoms in children include failing to make eye contact, not responding when someone calls their name, or playing with toys in a very unusual and repetitive way. Both men and women are equally exposed to autism, and the environment and bloodline are two of the biggest factors why people acquire it. Autism is cured by early intervention and teaching children how to properly respond through a series of interactions.

Autism wasn’t diagnosed properly 2 decades ago so people who weren’t considered as an autistic in the past can be deemed as one today due to the changes in the condition’s analysis. In some countries, autism isn’t being regarded seriously, and charity runs like the BADASS Dash Obstacle Course serve as a beacon of awareness for such nations.

Las Vegas’ establishments have been on the decline for several years now due to the strict competition from their online counterparts. InterCasino, a pioneer of live roulette and other innovative online gaming services, is one of the sternest rivals that Las Vegas has faced since its inception a couple of decades ago. In order to regain its visitors, Las Vegas is now opening its facilities to non-gaming events, and the BADASS Dash Obstacle Course Challenge is a great way to not only drive traffic into the city but also put Sin City in a more positive light.

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