Prepare for 18 weeks of marathon training blog posts coming your way ! 

I am running the  Scotiabank Toronto Marathon October 18,2015 

I am running it as a Digital Champion and can’t wait to share my training , how I’m doing and where my head is at posts! 

The training has commenced ! 

 Today is Day 1 Week 1 and guess what – it’s rest day lol . 

I’m going to follow Hal Higdon’s Marathon Plan again and pray I do not get hurt . I need to focus all my energy on running and not weights right now . I will still lift biceps and shoulders but my gym visits will be few and far between. My goal is to finish strong this time around and make my fellow Digital Champions proud! 

I can’t wait to get my new Altra Provisions 2.0 this week so I can get my toes in shape for this run season . My Hoka’s need to retire , they have killed my feet and caused me nothing but trouble . 

So folks  here’s to happy training , good weather and no injuries . 

Keep on running 


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