I’m failing my pouch , I’ve stretched it , I’ve gained weight , I am human . 

This August I will be 5 years post op Gastric Bypass Revision . This surgery is my tool , not my easy way out and I have failed it . I have eaten far too much food at a sitting , I’m drinking Diet soda and I am snacking . 


I confess , I admit it and I will FIX it . 

You see all these bad behaviors lead me to be the 284lb Fat Dawn that I was  


WLS is not easy , it’s not fail safe and yes you can gain weight back . I’m proof of it . Have I hit an ungodly number on the scale ? No – but I am not where I want to be . My lowest weight ever was 140lbs and I was happy there . I looked great and felt great . I am now sitting between 162-168lbs and I am Fluffy! I hate it but I know why I am and I know how to fix it . Am I fat , maybe ? Does society see me as an overweight person ? I hope not but I didn’t have this surgery to meet societies vision of how I am supposed to look . I did this for me and I need to fix this for me . This is how I look now – today 

Fluffy yes , Fat maybe but I have the tools to fix this . So how am I going to do it ? Easy , by getting back to the basics of WLS and following the rules . 

Like this 

1. Limit carb intake 

2. Eat more fruits and veggies

3. Chew each bite slowly and mindfully

4. No liquids with meals 

5. No Soda 

6. Take multivitamins 

7. Reduce portion sizes

8. Drink more H2O 

9. No more SUGAR or sweets

10. Focus on high protein foods ( vegan protein for me ) 

11. Reduce alcohol intake ( beer!) 

12. Stop snacking or grazing between meals 

13. Continue lifting weights and running 

Seems easy right ? 

Wrong – it is a head game and I need to tell my brain to listen and do these things . 

I will succeed , I will get back down to 140lbs and I will be happy . 

Being a vegan now it’s a little different to maintain my protein intake and I will have to research this pretty extensively . When I lost my initial weight I ate a lot of protein but it was all eggs, cheese, yogurt , meat and such – I can’t do that anymore . 

Ditching the soda and reducing the carb intake will help me – I know that as it worked before . 

So here’s to new beginnings , re teaching myself old habits and just getting back to the basics again . 

I got this ! 

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  1. The vast majority of the world thinks the hard part is losing the weight. OH NO NO, my friends…what you have to understand is that we are constantly battling the tendencies that made us gain the weight in the first place and it’s exhausting. Dawn… you are tough and brave and strong enough to get back into the headspace where you were when you were heading down to 140 before. You got this – and you are an inspiration to anyone who has fought this battle – I just lost about 50 lbs – then gained back ten, and now are on my way back down again. I thought it would get easier, but nothing worth having is ever easy. You go, Girl…

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