I had 2nd annual RUTS ( run under the stars) 10 hr endurance race this past Saturday – and I Ultra Walked 90% of it! 

Do I lose my title of Ultra Runner now or does the distance alone save me ? 

Here’s why my race was pathetic – 

1. I drove 15 hrs to Kentucky on Friday

2. I slept little on Friday night 

3. Saturday I didn’t really carb up well and eating Vegan in the south is a challenge

4. The race started at 8pm and that’s cutting it close to my bedtime

5. It was HOT AS BALLS , 96 degrees at race start with 100% humidity

6. Cicadas where flying in my hair and face 

7. I just ran a 50k two weeks prior 

Ok enough with the excuses – here’s how I really felt 

I love the camaraderie of running this race with all my Run It Fast friends 

  We represented at RUTs and having them beside me on the track is an amazing feeling . 

This race consists of running a 1/2 mile track for 10hrs – 8pm to 6am . Sounds crazy but it’s doable. Last year I ran 35 miles in 9:40 so I wanted 40 miles this year but that did not happen , not even close . 

I think I ran maybe the first 3 miles then my tore up hips said nope you are not doing this again – so I walked and I walked fast ! 

I sat when I needed to sit , I drank a ton of G2 , ate a bag of licorice and changed 4x because it was HOT AS BALLS! 

When that last hour on the clock showed I knew I needed to get my butt in gear if I was going to get an ultra of 50k and I booked it – I Walked it Fast ! 

I managed a 50k in 9:39 – not epic , not pretty but 50k is still 50k . 


The last 4 laps I walked with an ice cold towel on my head to prevent me from passing out! Let’s just say there were a lot of sick runners out there – I talked to many who were puking during the race . But , we never quit do we ! 


In the end I count myself as an Ultra Walker this race and that’s ok , you gotta do you and what works for you . So if some don’t consider thy ultra awesome – I say ” screw you ” because I still ran/walked 50 Effin Km’s ! 

I will be back next year Kentucky , I’ve got something to prove . 

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  1. Running or walking a 50K – either way both are completely badass! Walking is hard. People think it’s not but walking for distance takes a toll on your body. And walking for 10 hours, like race walking, that is insane! Good for you! You are ultra-human, that’s what you are 🙂

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