This was my second ultra 50k and it kicked my ass ! 

I ran 56k last year at RUTs and I thought running around a horse track was hard – nope trails are a bitch !  


31.5 miles in 8:42 on a gravel packed flat surface ! 

Well , let me just say I PR’d my 50k time on a way harder technical trail course ! Dundas Conservation Park is absolutely beautiful , it was a very cool 730 am gun time and I arrived early so I could get my bib and find my fellow RIF buddy Christa  

The course started with an awesome downhill – but of course that steep downhill turned into a hellish uphill when you had to climb it 3x. We ran a 10k loop then 2 20k loops . 

  The elevations were ridiculously hard – between trying not to trip over tree roots and rocks or just plain falling on your face , it was hard and my legs burned .  


 It was a stunning course and I saw lots of wildlife – even some kinda freaky wolf boy wild dog thing that I cannot explain but it ran towards me and I swear I crapped my pants I was so scared ! There were horses riding on the trails so a lot of poop dodging happened. 

Ultra aid stations were fully stocked and this Vegan runner had no problems refueling ! I was popping salt sticks like made because every uphill climb I got dizzy ! 

  My head started to take over about 20 miles in , my hips were shot my feet hurt and I was questioning weather or not I would finish that last loop. Then as runners significantly older than me kept passing me and shouting words of encouragement I knew I had to finish . As I made my final climb I saw a lady doing the 100 miler and she had to of been in her 70’s , she looked at me and said ” you are almost there , go get it ”  and I did – I climbed that last hill and ran to the finish !  

I ran an 8:30 50k on a much harder more challenging course and got myself a 12 min PR ! Earned! 

Every race teaches you more about yourself and what your body can do , don’t let your head make you quit . Remember why you started , dig deep and finish strong !  


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    • Thank you ! I was really tough , I fought lots of emotions on this course . I kept saying never again , never again – but of course that was a lie lol

  1. Congratulations, nicely done!! You have a photo of the prettiest spot on course (the bridge). I saw you a few times out there on course. Way to go!

    • I loved that spot ! The whole course was beautiful , expect for the three sisters – I hated them lol ! You should have stopped and said hi while I was ultra walking ! Looking forward to doing it again next year

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