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I am back in the gym full time doing what I love – lifting and I’m in my fav place to do it GoodLife Fitness .

After my marathon I knew I needed to get back into it , nothing burns more calories for longer than strength training . Yes I am still running but I need to make sure I am strong so I can run more efficiently .

I will not be doing ANY cardio in the gym and if you see me near a treadmill grab me and slap me! I can and will be doing all my cardio runs outside on the roads or trails .

I decided to go back to the program that worked before – Jamie Eassons LiveFit program on the Bodybuilding site.

Here were my results from the fall

So what happened ? How come I’m puffy again ?

Carbs! I use carbs as my excuse for running long distances – I need carbs for fuel . Well I am not running 20 milers on a daily basis so I need to stop this behavior ASAP. Also being vegan it’s very easy to become a carboholic !

My starting weight today was 168lbs


I will be following the program to a tee with some added lifts as well because some days it just doesn’t seem like enough , I’m not a beginner so it can feel too easy .

Today was day 1 of phase 1 and here is the workout Phase 1 Day 1 – chest and triceps .

   I added in core work ( planks and roman twists)  and some hangs cleans .

Tonight I will go for a little trail run even though phase 1 has no cardio – so I guess I’m not following it to a tee … Whoops

So if y’all wanna join me I will be posting the workouts daily and weight changes , it will be fun !

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