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I am an idiot .

I am running a marathon in 6 days , my longest training run to date has been 10 miles. I followed no plan , I ran most of my miles on the mill GoodLife Fitness and they were great . Speedy , fast lil treadmill miles , BUT I had yet to run a long run on the roads . Due to the winter being a complete pain in the butt , I simply couldn’t nor wanted to run outside . 

I had planned my final long run for last weekend but life got in the way and it never happened . 

Fast forward to this past weekend when I had to run some decent mileage. 

So I did , I set my alarm for stupid early o’clock 445am , geared up with the mindset that I was not coming home until I had 20 miles under my belt . 

Now this is not a good idea because we all know you are only supposed to increase distance by 10% per week to avoid injury ( I don’t play by the rules) . 

  It was a beauty morning to be out , temps were perfect . My splits for the first 5 miles were ok , all 11 min/miles – good for a long slow run . 
  After about 13 miles I needed to get off the roads for a bit , so I hit up my favorite trail 
 I left the trails at 16 miles and was so close to home that I wanted to quit , my hips and feet were killing me – but I didn’t let that voice in my head win . I knew I could finish those miles off on the track by my house  


I finished it ! I did it !  


So am I prepared to run 6.2 more miles on Sunday at the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon,  Not sure but I do know – I won’t quit ! 

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