Another Meatless Monday win! 

This is a throw together meal that’s ready in no time ! 

You will need 

1 onion sliced

1 red, green, yellow pepper sliced

3 garlic cloves minced

1 pkg of Gardein Buffalo Wings 

Cumin , chili powder , garlic powder 


Daiya cheese 

Sautée gardein Chik’n in coconut oil until cooked through ( I did not use the sauce packet – just  the Chik’n) 

Add garlic , and veggies to the skillet 


 Add spices and a little water . Cook until veggies are tender . 

Warm tortillas , top with fajita mix and add Daiya . 


 Roll up and eat ! 

  So yummy ! 

4 comments on “Vegan “Chik’n” Fajitas”

    • Yum ! I love their products and use them as differently as I can . I’m dying to get my hands on Beyond Meat products but they don’t have it in Ontario , need to road trip to the U.S. I guess

      • we have some beyond meat products available in this part of florida but i don’t love it. the chicken really tastes like chicken and it freaks me out. although i am dying to try their beast burger. I had the hand-formed burgers from field roast yesterday- those are my new favorite burger!

        • We don’t have a huge selection of “faux” meats here so I always stock up when I make my US runs for groceries . It’s only a 2 hr drive

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