Now that’s a mouthful to say! 

Here is what went down on my Meatless Monday 

I had some leftover roasted veggies from the other night and I wanted to mix them with something so I attempted this dish , it’s an ugly dish but it makes up for it in taste. 

You will need 

Leftover roasted veggies 

1 head of cauliflower 

Vegetable broth

Garlic cloves

Coconut oil 


Lentils – cooked or canned

Garlic powder , salt&pepper 

Take your leftover veggies , I had potatoes , broccoli, brussel sprouts , cauliflower and asparagus , sprinkle with garlic powder and bake in a 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes just to warm them up. 

In the meantime you need to make your Cauli rice ! This is super easy to do . 

Break up cauliflower into small pieces and pulse on low in a food processor – I have the worlds smallest one so this took me a few minutes . It will look like this when pulsed – like short grain rice . 

now step this aside and in a skillet heat up coconut oil , and sautée about 6 cloves of diced or sliced garlic 

Add in your “rice” and 1/2 cup of vegetable broth 

To this I added 1 pkg of frozen shelled edamame . 

Then I added cooked lentils but you could use canned . 

Let simmer on low heat for about 10 minutes  then add your roasted veggies to it , salt and pepper 

Mix in the skillet to warm through and serve 

See , told it was ugly but it tastes so good and garlicky . Serve with warmed FRENCH bread and you have a tasty Meatless Monday meal 

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