I did it , I signed up and I am going for it ! 

Let’s back track a bit , last night I was on Twitter asking about this race and I received so many amazing responses from people who have run a NorthFace Endurance Challenge . I was becoming so interested in this and I had to research it more . 

Then , the super awesome people over at NorthFace Endurance Challenge reached out to me , asking me to represent them and become a Blog Ambassador for them . Deal Signed!!! 

I immediately signed up for the  NorthFace Endurance Challenge  50 Miler and I am now 100% committed to this . 

This is where we will be spending our summer vacay , at the beautiful Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood . 

Now here is the best part , you can come spend the weekend with me too because I have a PROMO CODE ! I can save you 15% off the registration fee by going to this site Race Registration filling out the info for whatever race distance you choose and then enter the following code D30DMON15 

Easy peasy and there is lots of time to train for this race so let’s do it together m lord knows I will need y’all out there telling me to get my butt in gear because I am not DNF’ing this race . 

See you out there friends 

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