So February caps off yet another 100 mile month and this month it was all done on the mill. Does this make me happy , not so much but Ya gotta do what Ya gotta do right? 

I need to invest in a set of snowshoes if I want to run some trail miles , which I am sure will lead to the most epic of fails. Hot mess on snowshoes – hmmm future blog post there! 

My mileage this week is less as I am taking the whole weekend off – no long runs scheduled. Stupid me did a leg day workout and squats galore so I’m battling the 3 day DOMS . Time to rest ! 

I am still confident I will be adequately trained for the upcoming GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon but yes I wish there were more road training going on . They did however share with us the most awesomest of medals today 

bling!!!! This medal is huge , like dinner plate huge ! 

This race May 3 will be my first race of 2015 – last year I think I had 3 in by now! 

Three weeks after this marathon I am running Sulpher Springs 50k . Yeah – a trail race in a beautiful conservation park . I cannot wait . 

Two weeks after that I attempt a rematch at RUTS , 10 hr endurance race . Last year I ran 35 miles in 9 hrs 40 min so my goal this year is at least 40 with the hopes of 45. I can do it , faith Dawn . 

Seems like a pretty big feat for a sloth like me , but wait – 

Silverton 72hr in Colorado was cancelled and I had big goals of getting my 100 mile buckle that weekend so I’m kinda bummed , but enter in the NorthFace Endurance Challenge in Collingwood this JULY ! I am seriously contemplating the 50 miler , it has a 14hr course time limit so I fear the DNF . Always keeping my options open though , I will get that buckle one day – one step , one mile at a time ! 

So I will continue hill running and sprints on the mill to keep me in perfect shape , clean up my diet and pray to God spring comes this year ! 

Happy Running and Training friends 

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