Who in their right mind does this ?


Why ?

Why not ! Well actually I have a love hate relationship with this machine but without it I’d be sitting at Zero miles per month .
During these brutally cold snowy months I have no other option but to keep my runs inside where it is warm and safe .
No I am not a baby because it’s too cold – I have Raynaud’s and I simply cannot run in these temps without risking severe frostbite .

So , how the heck do I do it ? It’s pretty simple , I zone out – like literally my mind escapes me .
I turn my music on the highest volume and play the most bizarre playlist ever – here’s a snippet

I listen to a wide variety of different genres to always keep me guessing and I also sing out loud , on the treadmill , for all the other gym members to hear . Sorry !
I run 6x a week with shorter runs during the week to work on either speed or hills and 1 long run on the weekend.


Those long runs are both mentally and physically challenging

During these runs I watch marathons of Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s ( because it’s mindless) , listen to music , make grocery lists and most importantly I Run The Mile Im In ! Simple as that , if I run 1 mile and I’m tired I tell myself to just get thru that mile then you can walk . And I do .
My other favorite treadmill activity is people watch at the gym . The abundance of mirrors makes this task nice and easy . I always run in the main cardio room and not the women’s only section – more to see .
My favorite treadmill activity is to wait for someone to hop on beside me , secretly glance at their speed , then ramp mine up and go faster – even if it is just for a few sprints , it makes me feel like a badass .

So if I want to continue running 100 miles a month I will stick to the mill until I see asphalt again . I can do it , you can do it . Focus , go slow or fast , run your pace and just think about all the food you can eat when you are done .

Here’s to many more miles !

Happy Running

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