I’ve lost it , can’t find it , threw it out the window ?

Today’s is probably the suckiest ( yes I made it up ) day ever . I have lost my MoJo and I worry it may never come back .

My gym buddy is off on holidays with his family for the week and I have nobody to push me , motivate me or even just talk to . The gym is boring . I went today completely exhausted because life right now is sucky and I had no motivation whatsoever . I managed 5 ugly slow cardio miles

Then I went to lift and my body laughed at me . I did a few wrist curls , some cable action then said eff this , I’m outta here .
I need my MoJo back ASAP !

I think maybe a day off to regroup and plan is what I need . Or maybe I just need my buddy back ?

Do you ever have those days were everything sucks and you just don’t have it in you?
What do you do to get your MoJo back ?

Are better days ahead … Is this just a phase ?

2 comments on “Where’s my MoJo?”

  1. Girl, you can do this!!!

    Find something that you love to do! If you’re losing mojo, maybe you’re losing interest. Maybe take a couple weeks just trying out different things without committing to a program yet.. DO YOU!

    Or if you do choose a program, find an online group of women doing the same program.. I did New Rules of Lifting for Women and there is a whole FB group where people can ask questions, get support, share progress. Maybe just finding a social network if you can’t have a physical buddy!

    Or Crossfit?? 😀

    • I’d love to get back to Crossfit but I can’t afford it now . I think life is just too stressful right now and it’s affecting my workouts . Plus this awful winter is depressing , I miss running outside everyday . Maybe once spring comes that Mojo will be back – a girl can hope right

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