Time to get back to the rules , pouch rules! I have been eating way more than I should and it is time to regroup , refocus and deal with this ravenous appetite of mine. I am trying to connect with more #RNY #gastricbypass folks to discuss meal prep and such . My activity level is increased with my new lifting program and I am still training for my trail 60k in March. My goal is to focus on protein and veggies and if this means consuming more protein shakes , then so be it . I got a real wake up call tonight when I shoveled in a taco salad – too fast and too much and we all know where that ended up ! So if any of my followers are #WLS peeps then let’s help support each other with this process . It’s a life long journey as I know , my first surgery was in 1999 and my revision in 2010. I have been at this for a long time and we all need to learn the basics again .

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