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Every year around this time we start to look forward and plan out our goals for the coming year .

This year I’m looking back on what was one of my greatest years ever. I did things this year that I never ever thought I could. I challenged myself , I encouraged myself and I became someone who isn’t afraid to step outside of the comfortable box .

I travelled a lot this year to run some very exciting races with some amazing people, people who inspire and encourage me .

In March I travelled to Kentucky to run my first ever 23k trail race and I was hooked. Running in the woods has become my new addiction . I love being one with nature and using muscles I never thought of when tackling those technical trails, I’m a trail junkie now .

April had me in Washington DC for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon and this was a great time . It was well organized with some great swag. I spent a lot of time wandering the streets of DC being a tourist .

In May I ran the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Women’s Half Marathon . I love running in Toronto because it is such a pretty city and running through their parks is almost peaceful .

My biggest accomplishment and the race that thought me the most life lessons was in June at Run Under The Stars (RUTS) in Kentucky. This was a 10hr endurance race that started at 8pm at night and you ran 1/2 mile laps all night long. I spent the majority of this night thinking and pondering. Talking to myself and wondering if I could do it? I hadn’t even run a full marathon yet and here I was contemplating doing an ultra distance . The support I received from my club Run It Fast was incredible, they were there every step of the way always speaking kind words, motivating me . I completed this race doing a total of 35 miles in 9 hours and 40 minutes. I had become an Ultra Marathoner.

I found myself during those long hours going around in circles. I realized I could do anything I set out to do.

I took the rest of the summer off from races , other than doing a Warrior Dash with my daughter in July . I started training for the Rock n Roll Las Vegas full marathon. I trained really hard for this one, it was my first road marathon.

Fast forward to November when the race was held and I basically had a DNF because they forced me to go an alternate route which was shortened by 5 miles because I was apparently too slow and did not meet their timing standards. I was absolutely mortified and felt like I had been cheated , I worked so hard for this and they took it away. I vowed that I would never run another road marathon again .

During my marathon training I started to lift again and followed a 12 week program . I diligently went every morning to my local GoodLife Fitness to lift and run . I found myself again . I realized that I liked how I felt when I lifted weights . When I had DOMS the day after a workout I felt like I had succeeded at pushing myself beyond what I thought capable. This would be my new focus , cross training by lifting.

So as I enter into a new year I do have new goals and big ones too. I have already signed up for a 60k, another 10hr endurance race and a 72 hour endurance race where my goal is to get my 100 mile buckle!
2014 was an amazing year but it set the bar high and I’m going to far surpass that goal and make 2015 my Year!

Running will be epic and I am going to get so fit by lifting at the gym that you won’t even recognize me !

I am ready for you 2015 , let’s do this !


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