Well yesterday’s 1hr40 min cardio session ended my 12 weeks on this program.

This is a great beginner or intermediate program for those looking to start lifting. It starts out very easy and you pick the weight you want to pick up. There is also no cardio for 4 weeks, I did not follow that . This girl needs her runs .
Here are my result pics from Sept to Dec


Bathroom mirror selfies are never the best but it shows some changes. What you can’t see is the definition in my shoulders and traps from lifting heavier weights


I am very limited when it comes to Ab workouts because I have had my entire ab wall rebuilt during a major hernia surgery. I will never have a nice looking stomach , I have come to terms with it. Plus the stretch marks from carrying 3 kids and being 284lbs doesn’t help , again fine with it – battle wounds I call them .

I also did not follow the meal plan on this program because I was vegetarian during some of it , then I went back to meat and I admit I feel great . Yes I cheat , a lot and that has to change when I start my new program in January.

I love love love carbs and getting rid of them is so hard . My mentality as a runner is that I need them to fuel my runs . However , I am not running a marathon on a daily basis so I definitely Do Not need them ! I will learn , one day !

So I highly recommend this program and if you have an IPhone the Bodyspace app is excellent! It will send you daily reminders of what workouts are scheduled, let’s you create a profile and connects you to others for support! I will be using this app again for the Simply Shredded program.

So again this is the changes I saw based on a mediocre effort


Also , please note my change did not go down at all ! I believe I was 166lbs when I started and this am I was 167lbs.
Please please remember that muscle weighs more than fat! Throw that scale away if losing weight is your goal on a lifting program. I want muscle definition not weight loss so I will do a weigh in on Day 1 of the program then I won’t step on one again until mid point of the program !

On a side note , I just had to let you know I achieved my 2014 run goal of hitting 1,000 miles for the year ! It happened on a lovely 7 mile trail run

Merry Christmas , Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year to all my friends and followers out there !



4 comments on “LiveFit 12 week Program Results”

  1. Love the arms! I think solid arms/traps > abs any day!

    Have you played around with carb timing? I find that if I restrict the carbs during the day when I’m not working out (meats, fats, veggies), and just have the carbs around my workouts, it has worked quite favorably! You can still enjoy the “cheats” but just do it post-workout and your body can process them more efficiently! I cannot NOT eat carbs now! 🙂

    • I haven’t tried carb cycling yet but I am going to read up on it more . I just find it so easy to reach for them . I do try to get my carbs in post workout but I get them in pre too ! Oopsies lol . I’m hoping to build a bigger stronger upper body next training cycle and decrease leg weight amounts to avoid hip injury .

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