This is a picture heavy post!

Sunday’s are always my day to get outside and run , during the week I’m in the gym doing my cardio . This outdoor run is my Breather , my happy place and my Escape.

Mother Nature was kind today and turned the sun on full blast , however she neglected to turn on the furnace – it was cold!

I again overdressed and had to shed one of the four layers I started out in !

Ran about 2.75 miles on the roads and by the river before hitting natures playground – this is what greeted me



So freaking beautiful !

The crunch of the frozen leaves under my Mizunos is a sound I love to hear


It didn’t take long to find the frozen tundra and ice covered paths



Ran away from a few dogs who found me on the trail , they were friendly – whew! Stopped and took a #runfie


Then turned and said goodbye to this magical place where I leave all my cares, worries , stress and guts behind


I love trail running !

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