Do you struggle with fitting it ALL in ?

The world we live in today is so jam packed with “things to do ” that we struggle to feel like we are actually succeeding .

For those of us working moms we need to Find That Balance, plan to succeed.


Everyday comes with new struggles and new issues to overcome. We set goals for ourselves which sometimes seem so daunting , like we may never reach them . Find That Balance.

We need to stop stressing over the little things and be present in our lives. Make up a list of the most important tasks you wish to accomplish , keeping it short and achieve able. Everyday focus on the changes needed , steps necessary to achieve these changes and ideas about how to make it work.

Decide what is important To You.

Work on making changes to your own life so that it better suits your family and leads to happiness and the feeling of accomplishment.

I have made some huge career and personal changes in the past month because I was feeling overwhelmed and I couldn’t focus. I left my business partnership to focus solely on my Own business which took a huge weight off my shoulders. I can now plan and work directly with my clients without the stress of having too much to do .

My fitness goals have changed as well. I am no longer going to worry about running and getting PR’s. I am going to spend more time on the the trails breathing in life and building up my strength through weight lifting.

These things require Balance .

I am fortunate that my work allows me to set my own hours but at times it can be crazy busy. I plan my workouts into my schedule like a client appointment, I make time for me during the day . I no longer put my kids second to exercise and I go when they are at school so I am not taking away valuable family time, this takes proper planning and scheduling. It’s hard but it has to be done .


How do you make it all work?
Do you struggle to find the balance in your life?

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  1. Work/life balance has always been a struggle for me – a procrastinating workaholic. Yes – it seems impossible. Trying to find time for “me”, my “work”, my “family”… it’s all a challenge! How do you get it all done? You’re like Superwoman!

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